San Japan: 8-Bit
July 31- August 2nd, 2015 - San Antonio, Texas - HBG Convention Center

San Japan is San Antonio, Texas largest anime convention. Located at the heart of the Riverwalk, we will be taking place at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio Grand Hyatt Hotel and Marriott Riverwalk Hotel. We bring a wide variety of Japanese animation, culture, and unique fandoms all together for 3 days of continuous events. With over 14,600 unique attendees in 2014, we expect this to be our biggest event to date.

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This week we’ve announced more guests to be at San Japan. Here whom you can expect to see at San Japan: 8-Bit. Click on the names to see their bios along with more information:

We’re announcing that on Saturday 8/1 we will have a large video game/variety music showcase with over 5 hours of music acts playing that day. We are in the works of streaming it this year so those who can’t make it San Japan will be able to see the concerts.
For those inquiring, we still have plenty of developments to announce over the coming months.

San Japan and Vitamin H have teamed up to bring the AMV League to San Japan 8-Bit this year. We will be hosting an AMV League Official Event this year. San Japan will also be the host of the first ever AMV League National Championships where you can see the best of the best from other AMV League contests to be shown at San Japan. The rules and entry form are now posted for the 2015 AMV Contest if you wish to enter.
Back by popular demand, we are bringing back our Hall Cosplay Contest, hosted by The Men Who Stare At Suits. The theme for it is ‘Old-Skool’. For rules info and times be sure to go to the Hall Cosplay Rules page.

If you would like to help out San Japan we would appreciate your help! We now have the forms up to apply to be a general volunteer. There is a $10 fee to apply. To read why we implement this and to answer a lot of questions about volunteering for San Japan then please go over to our Volunteer Info/FAQ page.
We have updated two event pages on the San Japan website. The Formal Masquerade Dance has been updated for 2015 with simplified rules and new example pictures. The San Japan Idol 2015 info & rules are also posted, hosted by guest Kieran Strange. Pre-registering for San Japan Idol will be heavily encouraged starting this year.
We’d also like to welcome two groups that will be making their first time appearances at San Japan. Tokyo Attack! (Formally Bemani Invansion) will be bringing out nearly a dozen Japanese arcade cabinets with most being music rhythm/Bemani cabinets. Samurai Titans will be coming out to San Japan to put on LARP/Sword Fighting demo which will be in a large sparring ring.

If you’re still on the fence to pre-reg for San Japan: 8-Bit then this will be your last chance to get a 3-Day Pass/Badge for the $45 Pre-Registration tier price. It goes up to $50 starting on Jan. 5th, 2015. We will be promoting at Ikkicon located in Austin, Texas which happens this weekend, Jan. 2nd-4th, to allow people to pay by cash or credit cards. The At-Door rate will be $55. To pre-register now click here for the San Japan pre-registration link.
The submission forms are now up for the Art Contest. We also have the form up for Meetups if you would like to have the chance for similar minded fans of what you’re into to meet with each other. The Art Contest form will open until May 20th, 2015 (T-Shirt) and June 1st, 2015 (Mega Art). The Meetup form will be open until June 2nd, 2015.

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Lisa Ortiz

Lisa Ortiz
Lisa is best known for the roles of the high-elf Deedlit in Record of Lodoss War, Lina Inverse in Slayers, Amy Rose in Sonic X, and Serenity Wheeler in Yu-Gi-Oh!
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Martin Billany
Martin Billany, better known by his screen name LittleKuriboh (or CardGamesFTW), is the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series, a parody of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, and was the first to make an abridged series.
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The Returners

The Returners
Started in early 2013, the Returners are a five-piece VGM (video game music) band based in Austin, Texas. We play music from all video game eras, with a particular focus on SNES- and PSX-era games. We also step outside the realm of video games on occasion. We’re a little metal, a little symphonic, and a...
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Random aka Mega Ran
If you put video games, the 80′s, hip-hop, soul music, jazz and standup comedy into a blender and hit "puree," you’d have something close to The Mega Ran Experience.
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