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San Japan: Art Contest – Info & Rules

Art Contest submissions are now open.
T-Shirt art entries must be in by May 20th, 2016. The Mega Art contest will end on June 10th, 2016 at 11:59PM CST


We are holding two art contests this year. One art contest is strictly for the T-Shirt contest and another for the Mega Art Contest which will have TWO winners selected. If you would like to see people wearing your artwork as a badge or be on front cover of the program book or our pocket guide then you’ll want to enter the Mega Art Contest. If you would like your graphic artwork to be used to on our shirt then you’ll want to enter the T-Shirt Contest. We do make yearly changes to the rules and guidelines so please read over them in detail.

Mega Art Contest T-Shirt Art Contest

Theme: This year’s theme is ROBOTS & ANDROIDS. This is up to the artist interpretation if they want to go with a gaming theme or homage to gaming. While we are called San Japan 009 (like Cyborg 009), it does not necessarily mean it needs to be certain style. The setting and background is up to the artist.

San Japan 2015 Winning T-Shirt Entry
Last year’s T-Shirt winning art contest entry by Missy Pena.

T-Shirt Contest

  • Here are the rules & guidelines for the T-Shirt Contest (rules written up by our T-Shirt Printer):
    Step One.

    Use a maximum of 4 colors. This includes black and white. (If we print on dark shirts, we’ll add an underbase. A base is separate from white, and NOT counted in the artist’s maximum 4 colors.) Note: if you plan to present your design on a black t-shirt, you can use the t-shirt’s color as your black line; therefore it doesn’t count as one of your max 4 colors. Colors should be Pantone Solid Coated. RGB.

    T-shirt Color: Although Black t-shirts are King, you may choose a t-shirt color that best suits your design from the following: Ash, Black, Deep Forest Green, Deep Red, Deep Royal, Gold, Light Blue, Light Steel, Maroon, Navy, Orange, Purple, White, or Yellow.

    Tee Colors


    Step Two: Please save a copy of your design as a GIF, JPG or PNG (preferred). We’ll give an option to submit your high resolution artwork but if selected we will ask for it. Please make sure your high resolution artwork has all layers in tact. Do not flatten your image when in the form of PSD, PDF or EPS.

    The winning Artist receives an Artist Alley table with two Artist Alley badges ($195 value). We will not be selecting a 2nd place entry. All T-shirt entries that are not selected for first place will be automatically rolled over into the MEGA Art Contest. The winning artist table is non-transferable and the winning artist must be present at the convention as we will not allow the selected artist to sell through proxy sales.

    Last Year’s 2015 Mega Art Contest Winners by Lito and Diane DelaCruz.

    Mega Art Contest

  • Here are the rules & guidelines for the Mega Art Contest:

    Prizes for Mega Art Contest

    For 2016, we will have another kind of prize. Instead of 2nd-8th place like prior contests we will be selecting up to 15 entries as FINALISTS. These art pieces will be used for our different badge designs for attendees and staff.
    If multiple entries are submitted by an artist then we reserve the right to select and use the multiple entries for badge materials. We will only be issuing one table and one badge even if multiple entries by one artist is used.
    The prize for all finalists will be the chance to purchase an Artist Alley table and it will include one additional Artist Alley badge at the discount rate of $50 total (a discount from $195). Even if you only need one artist badge it will still be $50. Finalists must be present at the convention to redeem their table as we will not allow proxy winners. There are no table transfers or refunds to finalists. All finalists will still need to have a Texas State Tax ID # in order to purchase a table. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE GIVEN.
    A link will be sent to all finalists by no later than June 25th, 2016 after the winners have been selected. If the artist finalist has already purchased an artist table then they will be issued a refund of an upward of $145 ($100 if only purchased a table and no additional badges). If an artist does not want to purchase a table then they will be offered a discount code for a complimentary badge/pass to the convention. No other compensation will be given to artists if they decline on a complimentary badge.


    This will be the only way artists who want to get an artist table at San Japan after Artist Alley table availability has closed in Spring 2016.

    This is what we request for all entries:


    Upon submitting your entry, the artists agrees on the following:


    Submissions for the T-Shirt contest must be made by May 20th, 2016 by 11:59PM. Submissions for the Mega Art must be made by June 10th, 2016 at 11:59PM. We will privately contact artists for any commissioned pieces. Do not contact us to consider for commissions.


    If you have any questions then fill out the form on our contact page.


    You are not required to pre-register for San Japan in order to submit an entry.


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