San Japan Cosplay Show Entry Form


On-line Entry Deadline is July 8th, 2014 @ 11:59PM.

For rules about the cosplay show, please see the cosplay show rules. If you have any questions before filling out the form, please ask them on our forums or Facebook Group.


As a regular reminder: even if you sign up online, you will need to come by the Cosplay Signup Room at the posted times listed in the schedule at the convention for early to confirm your entry. Pre-judging times will be listed on the schedule. Do not show up on Saturday afternoon of the convention during Cosplay Show Setup thinking you’re already entered as you must stop by the Cosplay Signup Room to confirm your online entry! Location of this room will be posted at the convention.

Cosplay Sign-Up Form

This form is to pre-register your cosplay entry. This is intended for people who want to enter the Main Cosplay Show. For information & rules, please view our cosplay show rules before filling out this form.

You will still need to check in at the convention to verify that you intend to enter the contest.

We will still allow walk-ups entries if you are unsure if you'll be able to attend the convention but it's highly recommended to use this form to ensure that you are entered into the San Japan Cosplay Show.

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    Walk-On:30 seconds of stage time, no dialog. Custom music permitted.
    Skit: 3:30 minutes of stage time. Pre-recorded highly audio encouraged.

    Dance skits, or skits with no dialog where choreography or dance are the sole focus, MUST be somehow connected to the series being cosplayed. IE: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya ending, Hetalia movie ending, Vocaloid music videos, etc. You cannot do "Cosplay Gangam Style" or something similar.
    Youth: Entry is 13 years old or younger.

    Novice: First time contestants, contestants who have not won any awards.

    Journeyman: Contestants who have won judges awards, best runner-up or similar, cosplayers who have been competing for over a year.

    Master: Contestants who have won craftsmanship, best in class or best in show, professional tailors/seamstresses.
  • Please enter your real name.
  • Sends you an e-mail notice of this entry. Please enter a valid e-mail address, as staff will be using this address to contact you if there are any problems with your entry.
  • This is the name that's on your badge. It can be your nickname, a name used on social media site, a favorite character, etc.
  • If you are cosplaying as a group and your group has a name then list it here.
  • If you're submitting a group entry then write out the real name or nicknames of everyone in the group.
  • The source of your cosplay - series, manga, show or movie your character is from.
  • Write out the name of your character. If this is a group entry then write out all of the characters within the group.