Masquerade Dance – Info & Rules


Event Location: San Antonio Marriott Riverwalk – Alamo Ballroom (2nd Floor).
Across the street from the San Antonio Grand Hyatt.

Date: Friday, July 31st, 2015


The Rules below are for the 2014 Formal Masquerade Event. These rules will be changed for the 2015 event.


The Formal Masquerade Dance will be a ticketed event starting in 2015 as we will be limited on capacity. Tickets to the Formal Dance will be FREE for all attendees who have purchased or received a 2015 San Japan badge of any type. A ticket will be required in order to enter and must be picked up at the convention. We will be posting information on how to pick up your FREE ticket and the location of the ticket pickup in late Spring 2015.


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General Information


The Masked ball is a formal event. All attendees must present a valid convention badge to enter. All clothing must adhere to standards of style and grooming. Please no torn, ripped, or dirty costume pieces. To keep the formal and mature atmosphere we also enforce a 13+ age limit at this event.


If you have any questions or uncertain about your outfit, please ask them on our Facebook Group or our message forums.





All participants are required to wear a mask. Masked should cover at least one eye and adhere to the face without manual assistance. Masks may not be painted on. Superhero and wrestling masks are not considered appropriate. Masks must match standards of style and grooming.


Acceptable Masks:

  • Masquerade-style (harlequin-style, domino-style, etc.)
  • Masquerade masks on a stick are acceptable if you have glasses.


Examples of acceptable masks:


Unacceptable Masks:

  • Monster masks or halloweeen masks.
  • Military masks (gas mask, tactical gear)
  • Luchadora or Wrestling masks
  • Comic or anime character masks (ninja-style, character, or others)
  • Helmets
  • Masks that are painted onto your face

Examples of unacceptable masks:



All footwear should adhere to the formal rules.

Wear shoes like these:

Acceptable shoes:

  • Dress boots
  • Men’s dress shoes
  • Dressy ballet flats
  • High-heeled pumps/ strappy heels
  • Cowboy Boots

Unacceptable shoes:

  • Open-toe flats
  • Flat sandals
  • Flip-slops or swim shoes
  • Platform shoes or combat boots
  • Slippers
  • Sneakers, running shoes, or shoes with individual toes
  • Socks with any sort of sandal
  • Wearing of UGGS or Crocs are immediate grounds for expulsion


Certain canvas shoes will be considered if they meet the standards of style and grooming. The Masked Ball is an event focused on dancing and will have limited seating. Please be sure you will be able to stand for extended periods in your footwear.


Traditional Western Dress



Formal or semi-formal dresses, gowns, or suits are allowed. Please make sure that all clothing adheres to standards of style and grooming. All skirts must be below the fingertips of the wearer when standing. Casual sundresses or tunics are not allowed. Please ensure that your clothing is sufficiently formal. Saris, kimonos, or other ethnic attire are allowed if they are formal and follow standards of style and grooming.


Acceptable Women’s attire:


Unacceptable Women’s attire & Dresses that are too short or revealing:




Sportscoats, suits, tuxedos and other formal wear are encouraged. Ties are highly recommended. Polo shirts and t-shirts will not be allowed. Ethnic dress is allowed if it is of the formal nature. Anyone claiming an unfamiliar item is formal will be subject to a check by resource researchers who will determine if the item in question is appropriate. Kilts are allowed however utility kilts, or pocketed kilts are forbidden. This event has a strict “No Weapons” policy.


Acceptable Men’s attire:

UNACCEPTABLE Men’s attire: (too casual)


Traditional Eastern Dress


Those wearing formal Eastern dress should be dressed just as nicely – formal kimono, haori and hakama, cheongsam, hanbok, ao dai, etc. While sandals are not allowed with other outfits, you may wear nice-looking zori or geta with Japanese formal attire. Sari and formal shalwar kameez are allowed.



Military Dress

Military dress is allowed and we welcome JROTC, ROTC, and Active military to use their dress uniforms. We do not allow Nazi or other potentially offensive uniforms.


Acceptable fictional military dress:


Cosplay Dress


Cosplay is allowed with considerations to all other standards of style and grooming. Cosplays must be formal in nature. Large props are not allowed. Chains, leashes, or handcuffs are not allowed. Signs are not allowed. Crossplay will be allowed if it is done seriously and if the attire adheres to the rules. Please see the section on Props, Wings, etc. for more information related to cosplay.

Steampunk Attire

Steampunk, Dieselpunk, and all variations thereof are allow with consideration to standards of style and grooming. Costumes must be formal in nature. Large props are not allowed. We will not watch or hold your prop if it is denied entry as you must return it to your room. Chains, leashes, or handcuffs are not allowed.


Acceptable Steampunk attire:


Unacceptable Steampunk attire as these outfits are too casual or have bulky accessories.



Props, wings, etc.


Props are strongly discouraged and large props are forbidden. No weapons of any sort may be carried into the event. Wigs in all colors are permitted as long as they are neat and tidy, as would be expected of real hair.




Fursuits may be worn however it is expected that the character being in formal dress, with a mask, and adhere to all standards of style and grooming. If it is determined that the fursuit is hazardous to an individual’s experience for any reason, you will be asked to leave.


Personal Hygiene


This can be a sensitive subject for many a con-goer, but this is a fancy occasion. Please put EXTRA effort into personal hygiene. Take a shower before you get dressed. Brush your teeth. Use mouth wash, gum, or a mint. Use lots of deodorant! However, do not drench yourself in body spray, perfume, or cologne. Use it sparingly if you have to at all – others may be allergic to or be sensitive to strong scents.




If you would like to take pictures and you are already attending the event, go ahead! Photographers with press badges may enter without costume as long as they are documenting the event. Anyone else, even with a camera, must wear appropriate attire to be allowed into the dance.


If you have any questions about the rules then please ask them in our message forum or our Official Facebook Group.


The Rules above are for 2014 Masquerade Event. These rules will be changed for the 2015 event.

Questions? We will have a Facebook Group dedicated to this event opening up in early 2015 to answer your questions and you can ask if your attire will be approved.