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Masquerade Dance – Info & Rules

  • Event Location: Marriott Riverwalk
  • Alamo Ballroom (2nd Floor)
  • Across the street from the San Antonio Grand Hyatt.

  • Date: Friday, September 2nd, 2016
  • Start Time: TBA
  • End Time: TBA

Starting in 2015 we have a Facebook Group dedicated to this event to answer your questions. You can ask in there if your attire will be approved if you are unsure about the dress code listed below.

The 2016 Formal Masquerade Dance will be a ticketed event just like our 2015 event. Info about tickets are still being internally discussed. We are considering some major changes on how we handle tickets. We will have everything decided by SUMMER 2016. Asking on our Facebook group on status update on the decisions will be answered with, “When Were Ready.” All decisions will posted on this page.

Below are the 2015 dress code and information. Dress Code changes for the 2016 event are pending by the masquerade dance organizers and may change at a moments notice.

The Masked ball is a formal dance event. All attendees must present a valid convention badge in order to enter this event. All clothing must adhere to standards of style and grooming. To keep the formal and mature atmosphere we also enforce a 13+ age limit at this event.


Acceptable attire for women:



Examples of acceptable attire for women:


Acceptable Attire for men:



Examples of acceptable attire for men:

Acceptable Male Attire @ San Japan Formal Masquerade

Acceptable shoes for men and women:

Acceptable Dress Shoes for Men & Women @ Formal Dance




Acceptable masks for women:

Acceptable Masks for Women @ Formal Masquerade

Acceptable masks for men:

Acceptable Masks for Men @ Formal Masquerade

Cosplay and Props:



Personal hygiene:


This can be a sensitive subject for many a con-goer, but this is a fancy occasion. Please put EXTRA effort into personal hygiene. Take a shower before you get dressed. Brush your teeth, use mouth wash, gum, or a mint. Use lots of deodorant! However, do not drench yourself in body spray, perfume or cologne. Use it sparingly.





Still have questions? We have a Facebook Group dedicated to this event to answer your questions and you can ask if your attire will be approved.


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