Events At San Japan

This is some of the expected events at San Japan: Samurai 7




Like to wear a costume? Then you’ll want to attend San Japan. There will be two types of cosplay: Hall Cosplay and the Cosplay Show contest. The big highlight for the convention is the Cosplay Show where dozens of people show their best costumes to the entire convention happening on Saturday evening of the convention.

Formal Dance Masquerade


A very popular event, the Formal Dance Masquerade is your chance to dance. Bring your best attire to dance into the moonlight. For rules & information, go to the official page.


Cosplay Chess


Reenact a large game of chess with your favorite characters. Maybe you’ll finally see what a dual of Naruto vs Sakura would really look like in real life. Sign-up will be at the convention.


Poke-Battle Live!


Each trainer paired up with a Pokemon and have a really fun time play-fighting the opposing team. The moves of your Pokemon are to be acted out after you call them. Sign-up will be open at a later time on our forums!




We are bringing in multiple music guests to play throughout the weekend so you can rock out to some great music.


Electronic Dance


San Japan plans to have at least 2 informal electronic dances, one on Friday night @ 12AM and one on Saturday night starting at 12AM.


Panels & Workshops


We will be having panels & discussions going all through out the weekend. We will have interactive panels that you can talk with guests, interactive panels on wide range of topics including Cosplay and animation or just fun fan panels talking about their passion.


Autograph Sessions


You will get your chance to have your items personalized by all of the guests at San Japan. There will be multiple autograph sessions with all of the guests as we want everyone to get a chance to get their items signed.




We will have large dedicated sections for gaming. Tabletop, card gaming, music gaming, consoles and even arcade cabs on free play. We will also have tournaments of all types to play in.


Singing Competition & Karaoke

If you can belt those tunes from your favorite anime or video game, we want to hear you! We will have a singing competition. If you don’t feel like getting on stage but still want to sing, we will have a dedicated room for karaoke during the convention from 12PM to 5AM.


AMV Contest


We will be holding an AMV Contest at San Japan. AMV’s are Anime Music Videos, where popular songs are mixed with popular anime. Rules & Info are now live!


Swap Meet


Have a shelf full of anime you’d like trade for something else? Meet other people who wants to swap & trade you anime and manga for something else. Maybe you’ll get something unexpected.


Art Show


Calling all artists, and those who think that they may be artists! Would you like to make some money selling a piece or two of your artwork? Please submit pieces of art for our Silent Art Auction. We will accept anything from drawings to paintings, to photographs, to any type of cosplay item or even those cute little dolls. 10% of all proceeds will go to charity, and the rest is all yours. Please contact Krystina Scott at for further details or if you would like to submit anything to the auction. We would like to get all of the artwork in by Friday evening at 10 pm, if possible. Rules about the Art Show have been posted on the website.


Maid Cafe


San Japan Maid Cafe is here to offer the experience of popular maid cafes in Japan. We strive to provide a calm and entertaining environment away from the hustle and bustle of the main convention floor.


  • J-Pop & Anime Music Video Room
  • Multiple 24-Hour Video Rooms
  • Cosplay Photoshoots
  • Maid Cafe
  • Meetups of all kinds
  • Manga Reading Section – Presented by the San Antonio Library
  • Anime Dating Game
  • Multiple Fan Panels
  • Cosplay Photobooth
  • ‘Unleashed’ Panels
  • Anime Jeopardy
  • Fashion Programming


This is just a small sampling of what will be at San Japan. A lot will be posted later on in the year. Beta schedule will be posted in early July and the final schedule will be posted in early August.

The content below is for the 2014 Convention. The San Japan website will be fully updated by November 1st, 2014.