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  1. San Japan 5: August 10th-12th, 2012 @ HBG Convention Center
  2. Getting More Active member for next year.
  3. Start feet running..
  4. Dreams for next year
  5. Guest Requests for San Japan 5
  6. Super Secret(sorta) San Japan Cosplay Music Video.
  7. Gold Pass Patrons
  8. Preview the new website
  9. Weapon and prop policy changes! Your input is needed here!
  10. Artist Alley Sign-Up pushed to March 2012.
  11. who is going to san japan and who post a pic and ur name and who you are going to b
  12. Looking for a few good DJs
  13. HELP! Badge name mix up
  14. Announced Guest: Chris Sabat
  15. Open Call For Staff Positions
  16. Music Guests: The Slants & Kieran Strange
  17. Funimation - Now Major Sponsors Of SJ5
  18. Thur/Sun. Hotel Rooms - Almost Gone
  19. Returning Guests for SJ5
  20. Special Guests: LittleKuriboh and Egoraptor
  21. Special Guests: Teahouse Comics
  22. Video Room Schedule
  23. SJ5 T-Shirt Contest - Vote On Your Favorite Design
  24. SJ5 Art Contest Winners.
  25. New Guests: Ellen McLain
  26. Anime-Outcast is coming to San Japan!
  27. late night security?
  28. A schedule??
  29. San Japan 5: Final Guests
  30. Megabus: Less than $10 to get to SJ.
  31. Con goers Music Video (500 Miles)
  32. Chnages to the Prop and Weapon Policies are here!
  33. The new San Japan 2012 Prop and Weapon Rules.
  34. San Japan 2012 Attendee Rules and Code of Conduct. Please read.
  35. San Japan 2012 Costuming Guidelines. Please read.
  36. San Japan 2012 Dance/Rave Rules. Please read.
  37. San Japan 2012 Convention Drug and Alcohol Policy
  38. Photobooth Hours and Prices
  39. Panel Security
  40. Attention Cosplayers and Attendees!
  41. Questions about badges
  42. Cash or Credit?
  43. Best way to get from Grand Hyatt to Convention Center?
  44. Parking at the Con Hotel
  45. Bringing Food....
  46. Driving to San Antonio
  47. Anyone from Dallas? Or Flower Mound? I need a ride back.
  48. Cosplayer in need of a little help
  49. 18+ Panel, No ID. Need some help!
  50. Last chance for questions directed at Safety!
  51. SJ5 Program Book Preview
  52. No more safety and prop questions folks!
  53. MAYDAY MAYDAY! Ticket/Confirmation receipt problem! PLZ HELP
  54. Pre-Reg Badge Pickup?
  55. Need photographer at Battle of Bands
  56. Anime Outcast interviews!
  57. Looking for Photo Booth Photos?
  58. When and where will Cosplay Show videos and the Show Winners photos/videos be posted
  59. Pics from sj forum meetup
  60. Thank you from Anime Outcast!
  61. Video and Podcast now are up!!
  62. SJ5 Subforum Perm. Lock - Oct 1st