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  1. How Are You Feeling?
  2. Dear Letters
  3. Avatar Caption Game
  4. How many posts does the person above you have
  5. The Person Above Me
  6. Post crap about the person above you
  7. Post something nice bout the person above you
  8. What are you listening to?
  9. The Awesome Song Lyric Game
  10. The Awesome Quote Game
  11. Your Weird and Crazy Dreams
  12. What Did You Do Last Night?
  13. In My Pants
  14. Tell a Lie
  15. The 1-1,000 Number Game
  16. what anime are you watching?
  17. Smash Your Keyboard!
  18. In Soviet Russia...
  19. the vending machine
  20. "Have a problem? Blame it on Kuri"
  21. The Random Picture Thread
  22. Count to 5 then Slap someone!
  23. What would you do...?
  24. Because of anime...
  25. You know you're a San Japan boardie when...
  26. The Rhyming Game!
  27. Last post wins!!!!!!!
  28. Boys vs Girls
  29. Who would you date?
  30. Did You Know?
  31. What did you eat today?
  32. Create a Legend
  33. What Are You Thinking?
  34. The Random Thread Refreshed
  35. A Word Game
  36. So they're making a movie about you...
  37. What is your four-letter personality type?
  38. Picture Quest
  39. Once upon a meme
  40. What Song Is On Your Mind?
  41. The Confession Thread Tres
  42. Four-letter Personality Test: Harry Potter Edition
  43. Original media thread
  44. What song are you listening?
  45. What's Your Artificial Flavor?!
  46. Your Fantasy Harem List
  47. Shutting it down - Sept 15th, 2015
  48. Need Help Finding Cosplay Photos!!!