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12-27-2010, 08:04 PM
Im posting this for Pablo who is out of the states. But i wanted to get this out before the new year. Post up any questions on this thread and ill get Pablo to get back to yall.

"Steampunk Attire Contest

The San Antonio Neo-Victorian Association is proud to present San Japan's First Annual Steampunk Attire Contest, in which the most fashionable amongst you will compete in your fantastic Steampunk outfits for awards, prizes and the respect & acclaim of your peers. Come! Take part in the competitive yet friendly experience and show us the best you can muster!

What is Steampunk?

Steampunk, by its very nature of being inspired by worlds that never were, seeks out to create fanciful worlds that could be. Born out of Victorian Era science-fiction and a mentality Captain Nemo would be proud of, Steampunk has crossed over through literature, music, politics, philosophy, animation, film, television, visual arts and fashion. Once and somewhat still heavily inspired by Victorian Britain and America, Steampunk has branched away to new lands and times, real and/or fictional, while still maintaining its retrofuturist aesthetic and unique attitude.

From Aether Emporium (http://www.etheremporium.pbworks.com/):

"Steampunk’s true definition is a point of constant debate. Its roots laying in a Victorian/ Edwardian industrial aesthetic with a ‘do it yourself’ ethos. It is one of eclectic design and influence, flexible and adaptable. The genre shouts out for those who take part to be creative, to become artisans. This ethos manifests itself wholeheartedly in its fashion, as eclectic as the genre, so are the clothes. Body modification in the forms of tattoos and piercings, the creation of hand made goggles, belt buckles and jewelery, to produce items from found, 2nd hand or reclaimed objects that will become more than a sum of their parts."

What We're Looking For
Our judges will be reviewing each contestant for various points, all coming from the following:

Attention to Detail
Wow Factor
Judge's Discretion

Contestants will have the chance to explain and model their outfits before the judges. If you wish to know more, please consult our judges at the table.

Class System

Contestants will be divided into one of the following classes:

Those contestants dressed in what would be considered a formal Steampunk fashion may enter this category. This may be anything from High Victorian to Edwardian to Late Baroque and so on and so forth with Steampunk accouterments. However, it must be considered formal by the judges or else it will be reclassified into either the Airship Crew/Pirate or Creative category.

Airship Crew/Pirate:
This class is for all the airship, submersible, transdimensional, space, etc pirates out there. The contestant's outfit must fit with the Steampunk pirate motif and if the judges disagree with its pirateness, it will be reclassified into the Creative class.

Steampunk is not just fancy balls and sky privateering, but rather has expanded to include other realities, times, professions, and styles. All of the innovative attire that does not fit into the other two classes or is self-classified as such by the contestant will be judged within this class.

Note about Classes: Contestants may enter as singles or as a group in any of the classes. Attire does not need to be Amero-European and if it can be considered to fit in any of the above classes for another culture and the contestant can properly justify it, then it will be judged without discrimination. Steampunk is international, in fiction and in reality and we expect the attire on display will reflect that. After all, this is a Japanese animation convention, isn't it?


1. The San Antonio Neo-Victorian Association endorses a “50% rule” on craftsmanship. This rule means that at least 50% of your costume must be made or modified personally. Note that this rule does not apply to shoes and wigs.

2. Modification: The 50% rule for costumes that are modified from store-bought pieces means that at least 50% of the work put into this costume was alterations, accessories, props or details. For example, buying a shirt, slacks and a jacket does not count as 50% craftsmanship. Altering the jacket to fit, painting details on the slacks and sewing trim or patches on the shirt does count as 50% craftsmanship.

3. If your costume was commissioned (bought or ordered from another person who did more than 50% of the work on the costume), and the maker is present at the contest, you may compete but note that the prize (if one is won) will go to the maker of the costume, not the model. If the maker is not present at the contest, you may not enter the contest.

4. For group entries, at least half of your group must comply with these rules. For example, if you have three people in your group and two of them bought their costumes, you are not eligible to enter the contest. If you have three people in your group and only one of them bought their costume, you are eligible.

Awards for Stage

There will be several awards presented at the San Japan Cosplay Show. The following are brief descriptions of each:

Best in Show:
The judges will choose one outfits for across the classes to win this award as the best overall out of all the entrants.

Best in Class:
The judges will choose one outfit for each class to win this award as the best in their class out of their respective class.

Best Craftsmanship:
The outfit deemed by the judges to have the best craftsmanship will win this award.

Most Imaginative:
The outfit deemed by the judges to be the most imaginative will win this award."

And btw I have one more new big event and am going to try to get this out and announced by the New Year as well.