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  1. same here! her manga r awesome.
  2. Heck ya! I love her drawing style.
  3. do you like manga from arina tanemura?
  4. haha cool. Im the opposite in all although i also dont like too much drama and any genre is fine with me as long as its not horror
  5. hum I'd say i like most all anime except ones on Incest, TOO MUCH DRAMA, and too much detailed yaoi & yuri. I don't know but for me it just seems wrong to look at couples doing thingst that they should only know..... <.<
  6. cool what kind of anime/manga u into?
  7. looking at some anime recomendations from a friend.
  8. nothin much just listening to music and reading manga. u?
  9. Hiya. Whats up?
  10. Hello!
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