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  1. Have fun at your cousin's wedding!
  2. yah i know but its my mom's money and I consider myself very lucky. My mom goes to the casino a lot and I'd "send my luck" to her. And 98% afterward she wins a boat load of money.
  3. I did when I was younger, I had to go to Las Vegas for a wedding. Wasn't allowed to gamble, spent most of my time in arcades. I've gambled a lot in general though and one thing I have certainly learned is never gamble with money you can't afford to lose. XD
  4. Morning Hicks! Hey have you ever been to a casino? I have but tbis weekend is the first time i can play. Im trying to win money for the anime con.
  5. Morrning Mr. Hicks! Did you ever find anything good to write about?
  6. I want to, but yeah the schedule of a staffer is kind of hectic and it's near dinner delivery time, so I can't really guarantee it. But I intend to go.
  7. oh geez. lol well I wish you good luck with your writing on whatever you decide to write about! I'm sure it will be great. Hey are you going to Dezzy and Ezio's party?
  8. Eh, not so much that a part of me really wants to do "Watch Dogs" and then something else I'm really thinking about is my overall retraction of last years statement of "Oh god, Halo 4, seriously?" cause it actually sounds interesting now. And also admittedly a part of me secretly wants to like Star Wars 1313 REALLY BADLY, but Force Unleashed gave me a real bad burn, a burn so bad the scar still sometimes swell.
  9. Well theres also Gears of War:Judgement. That I read in my gameinformer yesterday.... hum
  10. It's something to consider, but generally I write articles that I have a personal interest in. Considering I don't particularly own a Vita or even have a vested interest in Sony I think an article predicting the Vita's inability to please during E3 would fall short of my standard of writing.
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