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  1. it's why I hate Six Flags Over Texas =n=
    Fiesta Texas is a lot more fun too so yeah
  2. Considering how expensive they are already, it doesn't sound good at all >>
  3. six flags also has a water park so yeah
    though in fiesta texas you don't have to pay extra for it
    the one at Over Texas is separate from the the amusement park itself ( it's like in a different area that isn't too far from the amusement park)
    and u have to pay extra
    which isn't awesome
  4. I'm not that big a fan of things that go super fast and high up, but I also haven't ever been on one. But I have been on the water rides at Sea World! Those I'm mostly okay with xP
  5. ajsdhflqsdjkfhlqfhsd
    Why is that :c
    they are fun
    (and there aren't just rollercoasters there...sorta)
  6. True, but I don't really like rollercoasters >>
  7. Asdfghjkl'lkjhgfds;lkjkfadfa
    you should go there
    it is awesome

    it has awesome rides and everything
  8. Idk, I've never been there before
  9. true =w=
    I mean there are areas in six flags where you could host a panel
    like the stages and things like that .w.
  10. Yeah true, it would be interesting, but I don't know if the con organizers would be able to have panels and stuff there
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