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  1. yup true
  2. It's always nice to see others with the same last name, and mostly cuz there aren't a whole lot of Cuellar's
  3. lol omg awesome!
  4. Cuellar's must be pervs by blood! my last name is Cuellar too ^^
  5. i could see how u see it that way but i dont know i love it all. Im just an extreme
  6. Yeah, not to sound hipster but yaoi has gotten to so mainstream. It used to be exciting when it was considered like a forbidden guilty pleasure but now it's like everywhere and eh it's lost it's touch.
  7. yeah hentai is very entertaining stuff. yuri is good but it kind of sucks that there isnt much of it on the internet like how there is of yaoi
  8. I used to be into yaoi a lot more when I was younger, but the past two years I found hentai to be more entertaining. As for yuri, I havent read or watched much of it besides see like random yuri pics. Some or quite nice though :P
  9. haha yeah! i really dont meet many people who r into hentai. Its usually just yaoi, though i am a fan of yaoi and yuri also
  10. Yay another perv ^__^
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