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  1. Oh wow thats awesome can't wait to see you in the contest
  2. We're getting excited too. Chip is doing last minute work for our steampunk costumes so we can enter the contest.
  3. That is great! Yes we are staying at the hotel this year. Im going to cosplaying as Major Kusanagi from Ghost In The Shell So excited!
  4. I heard from Dylan you guys are all staying in the hotel. We are too this year so we won't go home to take a nap and miss the masquerade.
  5. Cant wait to see you at San Japan
  6. Oh well thank you very much! If you do get to run things again and need any help I would love to help out with anything you need. I had a great time this yeah and would love to come back for many years.
  7. Victoria! Thanks for your help at San Japan. You did a better job than the stinky boys. I'd hire you back next year if I get to run things!-Kahnnie
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