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  1. thats a hard one,there r so many good manga right now
    my fave at the moment is The world god only knows
  2. Ahh okay, I understand. Heh, so what's your favorite manga you've read so far?
  3. i really cant stand,although there was like 1 or 2 manga that i have read that have a bit of horror but other than that anything scary is bad for me.
  4. Lol, horror is one of my favs! It makes an anime/manga good and keeps ya on edge and junk. Like Shiki c:
  5. lol so you like yaoi? I like it also! any genre is fine with me as long as it not horror
  6. Oh that's pretty cool! Hehe well I'm into like dark manga, definitely some boy love in my manga I need to have that! xD Mmmm I also like uh shojo or shonen either is pretty good.
  7. cool im just reading some manga at the moment
    what kind of anime/manga r u into?
  8. Nothing much just here waiting to go shopping in a while, you?
  9. hi! wats up?
  10. Ohai! ^^
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