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Thread: Goodness.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tampopo View Post
    You heard the explanation from Proz himself. So what else do you want to hear? You've expressed our opinion, we've expressed ours. No need for your little fiancee to come in here threatening people and throwing F-words all over the place.
    He does that on his own. It's not like I told him to do it. /shrug

    And apparently, you all can't get over the fact that I am talking about a con's PROGRAMMING. Not what the fans do. I never talked about what costume they come in, I never raised a word against that. I was talking about PROGRAMMING, and how I feels that it's becoming less and less anime centered. Not the con specifically but all cons. In texas. Ushicon excluded, because they turned their stuff around. And AGAIN, I'm not saying take it ALL OUT, but prioritize. But of course you all will never see my point. You all are just going to continue to think that I'm bashing this convention, when I am not. Yes, I am upset at the guest choice, and I used it as an example, but whatever. WHAT, THE HELL, EVER. I never said cons need to turn 100% anime pure. But they sure don't need to go the other way either. I've been seeing cons that have less than 70% of their panel programming be anime and whatever the people turn in instead, and it's aggrivating. If you have 10 slots a day and room dedicated to other 'fandom' panels. That's nearly half the day, and there's probably some person somewhere, upset that they got looked over, and they had a legitimate fan panel or an anime or something they wanted to do, and the time slot they wanted was filled with some random my little pony or homestuck panel. Again, priorities. if there's room at the end of the selection process for the "rest" so to speak, fine. Throw it in there. But other than that, seriously. SERIOUSLY.

    BUT, you're telling me I just can't have a discussion on it? It's either shut up or don't go? Damn, really? That really does suck. No wonder threads on this board that challenge ANYTHING get locked in less than 3 days. It all turns into a hate storm. That dissapoints me. That really, really does. But whatever. Fine.

    Proz. Please lock this thread. I'm done.

    In fact, you can delete it for all I fuggin care.
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    Locked on request.
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