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Thread: Naruto Cosplay Meetup and Photoshoot

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    Naruto Cosplay Meetup and Photoshoot

    I can't find another thread covering this with the search, so I'll assume there isn't one.

    So, opening discussion about a possible meetup/shoot for us Narutards. Who has been to the convention area before that can think of a good spot to derp around at? :3

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    Here's a thread about it:

    Although I'm not sure if a time and place was ever truly established, so you may ask around with the people who've posted on the thread. One of them was already asking permission to set up a facebook event for it.

    P.S. I'd really like to be part of the meetup and photo shoot. ^_^

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    looked around and couldnt find anything but if you do know anyone thats doing a naruto meet up let me know going as hidan and would like to take group shots!!

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    Im going as suigetsu in the taka attire ( akatsuki cloak )) i'd also love todoagroup photo shoot

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