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Thread: Con-Goers Music Video (500 Miles)

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    Con-Goers Music Video (500 Miles)

    My name is Phoenix Williams, and I will be on the con floor, on the riverwalk, in the dealers room, and just about everywhere at the con, shooting videos of cosplayers and con goers that are interested for a music video. It will be similar to the Doctor Who cast and crew special featuring the song by The Proclaimers "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)".

    If you want to be in the video come find me, I'll be wearing a black hat and have a DSLR camera on a shoulder mount, so I'll be easy to spot (look for the crazy guy with the spider-like device on his shoulders). Be wacky, be crazy, and be creative! I'll have the music playing for people to sing to (or lip sync if you don't want to sing) and feel free to dance to your heart's content. I hope to see everybody there!

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    Hey, would you like to drop by the Doctor Who photoshoot then? I'm still not sure exactly when it is going to be, but plans are to have it after the panel. So I'll keep you posted, but I think that would be really awesome. ^-^

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