I've noticed a blank slot on Saturday in Social Room C at 10:30am -12 pm.
We're hoping my group and I could procure that spot for a "So You Think You Can Dance?: Cosplay Edition"!

We think it could help out the main cosplay event by keeping the dance routines to a different contest all together. We will have judges awards and a few other prizes. Including best choreography, best female, best male, and best group.

Our judges (3 total Sebastian Michaelis as Nigel Lythgoe, Surprise Guest as Mary Murphy, Disco Scooby Doo as Adam Shankman) know several dancing styles, from American Foxtrot to Zumba and anywhere inbetween. =)

We are open to any vocaloid dances and what have you as well. It'll be a very fun and relaxed contest. ^^
I know it is late in the game to be suggesting this but I really hope you guys like this idea.