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Thread: Superhero Photoshoot/Meetup

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    Superhero Photoshoot/Meetup

    Hi everyone~

    So my friends and I are cosplaying female Avengers on Saturday at San Japan. I am cosplaying Lady Loki, my friend Fem!Captain America, my other friend Lady Thor, and my other friend Black Widow. I understand SJ is an anime con, but we're bringing in some superheros. We are hoping to maybe do a photoshoot/meetup on SATURDAY of the con, most likely outside around where the river walk is.

    THIS IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE!! Instead of being outside we might move this somewhere inside.

    If you can understand where I'm talking about, (I'm only doing this from memory of being there).

    When you enter the Hyatt, you go down a floor where there's a restaurant, then exit through the doors and once you exit there is the river and its walkway. If you keep walking further down there's an area with some steps and such, which is the ideal location (or somewhere around there).

    So! If you're cosplaying MARVEL or DC (yes we are gonna welcome DC cosplayers because we love you), come on down Saturday, the 11th, 2:00pm-3:30pm.

    We hope to see all you lovelies! :3
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    Friday - Homura Akemi, with Male!Madoka Kaname
    Saturday - Fem!Connor Kenway, with Male!Madoka Kaname
    Sunday - Vanellope Von Schweetz, with Fix-it Felix Jr.

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