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Thread: HI HO! Info Desk wants to know when you'll be doing photo shoots.

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    Exclamation HI HO! Info Desk wants to know when you'll be doing photo shoots.

    Hi Hi there San Japan-ophiles. It's getting close to that time of year again. We'd like all of you who are planning on doing photo shoots to post your: Day, Time, Place, and Group(I.E. Ponies, Homestuck, Hetalia etc etc.) If you post those here we will post them up on a white board at Info Desk for everyone to see. Get your times in so we can start blocking out the schedule. THANK YOU~

    -You're Friendly Neighborhood Info Desk
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    Peachy here! I'm hosting the following shoots:

    Series: Vocaliod
    Day: Friday
    Time: 4PM
    Meetup: Info Desk

    Series: Sailor Moon
    Day: Sunday
    Time: 8AM
    Meetup: Info Desk

    In both cases, look for the guy with a button hat, lab coat, red backpack, and red camera!
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    Sakeman and Smoong hosting here ^_^

    Series : Fairy Tail
    Day: Friday, Saturday
    Time : 2 PM
    Meetup : Info Desk

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    Series: All of Adult Swim shows
    Day: Friday
    Time: 4PM
    Meetup: Next to the Sleeping Samurai arena, in the "chill area". (we will move as a group from there to the desired place)

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    Series: Final Fantasy
    Day: Saturday
    Time: 2 PM
    Meetup: Exhibit Hall A around/near Sleeping Samurai
    Going as Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children/Complete and original game uniform.

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    series: black butler/kuro****suji
    day: saturday
    time 12
    meetup: Hyatt hotel lobby (will move from there)
    costumes to come:
    ven- birth by sleep

    Jack Atlas- team satisfaction- yugioh 5ds

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    Series: Pokemon
    Day: Saturday
    Time: 4:30-5:30 PM
    Meetup: Info Desk

    Note: We'll be moving outside to do the photoshoot in the park between the convention center and the mall, weather permitting.

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    Series: Yu-Gi-Oh!
    Day: Saturday
    Time: 11 AM
    Meetup: Near the Info Desk
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    Quote Originally Posted by hikariki View Post
    series: black butler/kuro****suji
    Oh my god, I just laughed for about ten minutes straight at the auto-censor. Anyways:

    Series: Doctor Who/ Torchwood
    Day: Saturday
    Time: 2pm
    Meetup: Directly outside the Convention Center. Look for the Tenth Doctor with a TARDIS on a stick.

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