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Thread: place to crash?

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    place to crash?

    well this is my second time in san japan, and last year i was dumb enough to think sleeping in the mariott lounge was smart, anyone got a free room to let me crash in? i might get a bit of money asides from paying the 50 for the ticket :/ i'd appreciate it if someone would be kind enough to let me sleep in their hotel, im not really a troublemaker or anything, someone message me to let me know if they got a room,i'll try to get some cash to pay or something. .___.''

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    !! I'm in the same boat...only I'm not from San I REALLY need a last minute room!! Um...I had a room last year, but I heard if you tried sleeping in the lounge, the securities will wake you up every time. Is this true? LOL!

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    I have room for one more :P


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