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Thread: Post all the good feedback here.

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    Post all the good feedback here.

    Start posting it after the con starts. Just getting a jump on it.
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    I will update this post with additional feedback as/if it comes to mind.

    Pre-Reg line felt like it went by really fast and really smoothly this year. We were in line at 7:30 and had our badges just barely an hour later.

    The space available to the con this year is amazing. Having the Convention Center AND the Hyatt works really well for diving up everything. The large cool-down/chill-out area with the food area nearby is nice. The spacing between the tabletop/artist alley/sleeping samurai/chill-out sections is a bit big but the buffer space is great for noise is seems.

    Mostly everyone is very friendly. This stretches from us normal con-goers to the volunteers and staff, and through to the guests. I haven't noticed any shenanigans going on with the elevators this year, mostly everyone is being very orderly and forming nice lines.

    Additional Feedback

    One member of our group walks with a cane and can be slow at times because her knees need to be replaced, so it was very much appreciated when a volunteer was allowed to seat us into the Cosplay Show and a few other panels/events faster allowing her to sit down and get off her knees.

    The dealers room was very well setup. All of the dealers were friendly and helped me to find what I was looking for. A certain volume of manga finally stopped eluding me after years or searching. Many Gundam kits were purchased in addition to other bits and bobbles.

    Closing ceremonies was a great and the announcement of the discounted pre-reg price was met with great pleasure. Unfortunately we are wiped out from this year, so we will probably be missing out on this.

    All-in-all great year. Cant wait for the villainous happenings of next year.
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    Other than elevators taking forever when you're actually trying to get somewhere.
    I actually have no complaints. I, as a volunteer, enjoyed myself greatly. I know that I don't do many panels or events as most of them don't interest me (as they're usually on things that are mainstream and im u more of a classic, older anome type; or an obscure anime fan) but I had an awesome time hanging out with Ameile, and her brony panel of awesome (that room was PACKED)!!

    Can't wait til next year Proz. ^.^

    I apologize for my naysaying and you guys were right. You can only enjoy the con as long as you go to the things you enjoy. I still wish there was more anime programming, possibly focusing on getting the younger gen introduced to the older stuff. But I guess it'll come in due time.

    Again. Great job, San Japan staff! Even you, Sven. Even though you didnt remember Liza when I was searching for her!! Lol jkjk. Just messing with you.

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    I'm posting my feedback based on the cons I've attended the past few years including (SJ: FTW, Anime Matsuri, Akon, Mechacon, Katsucon... Just a few). And my opinions are from a cosplayers standpoint, not much else. I go to cons for cosplay, and will attend panels or do the dealersroom/artist alley on the side. So that is important to note, since I'll have very specific things I like about a con, which may not really be the same as a non-cosplaying con visitor.

    Anyhow - here we go.

    The venue was pretty good in the respect to appearances. I found lots of places that were shaded, which is very helpful for daytime photoshoots in the Texan summer. The architexture outside was varied, which is also interesting for getting pictures, such as the archways and large columns on the Waterway level outside. I also really liked how spread out everything was, even as a cosplayer, I would rather walk a little ways to get to a panel, and have space, than have everything crammed into one small area.

    I loved the convention center, there seemed to be lots of room, and seating available for resting tired feet. The dealer room was a little crowded, but there was lots of space on either side of the room, which helped relieve congestion. I was carrying around a large prop all day, and while I was aware of what was around me, I didn't feel like I was always poking someone in the face. Not many cons can say they have enough room for cosplayers to bring their large props and costumes.

    In comparison to all other cons I've been to, I didn't think the elevator lines looked that horrible. I didn't stay at the con hotel though, so it may have been a nightmare going up to a room, rather than a quick travel upstairs for panels and events. On that thought, I liked how there weren't a ton of stairs to climb, and the escalators were always on. It was wonderful that I could pretty much navigate through the con, and back to my hotel (the Crockett), without going outside for more than a few seconds; air-conditioning in Texas is a huge plus for me. And there were those awesome free water people, I mean just because it's water doesn't mean it isn't appreciated. They had great attitudes and were really helpful, staying hydrated at a con is so important.

    The panel line up seemed good, with many various types of events going on, I felt like I missed out on stuff only because there was a lot that could be done. I was also pleased that there seemed to be plenty of room seating in most of the panels I went to. Note - It would probably be a good idea to get platforms for the panelists, and a few more mics/better speakers, as it was difficult (nearly impossible) to see/hear the panelists from further than 4 rows back.

    I thought the staff was courteous and professional while directing con goers. With the large prop I was carrying I was 'talked to' by staff several times; I was asked not to sit or stand where appropriate, and to move out of the way if I was blocking a hall. I never felt harassed, or belittled by staff/volunteers.

    I can't give any feedback on the cosplay contest or hall, since I wasn't able to do either. What I did noticed is that it would be nice to have more seating in high traffic areas for the large events. I know this year we just didn't allow it, but consider it as important next year, and think of a way to arrange for some spread out seating for those who are in line. As in, find a way to arrange the lineup, for large events, which isn't breaking the fire safety and would allow those waiting in a 2 hour line to sit down if needed.

    I suppose I gave enough feedback, mainly positive because I had a great time. To be honest, after last year's SJ, I didn't really expect to return ever again. But after this year, SJ will be on my list as a regular. Great job guys.

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    Since San Japan was my first con, I don't really have anything to compare it to, but the venue was very good for large cosplay, I was able to get through doors and halls reasonably for the most part. The panels were fun and there was a huge selection of stuff at the Dealer's room. I would go next year again. The majority of the place was shaded or chilly, very good for hot/toasty cosplay.

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    The volunteers this year were amazing. The EV we had on Friday night for the AMM panel was amazing and so sweet. I cannot, for the life of me remember her name, but she was the absolute best volunteer Grey and I have ever interacted with. The energy in the room was amazing and she held the line together the best she could as we tried to get through two games for the size of the audience we had. The volunteers we had on Saturday for DoND (and I know we were annoying and tried to get out as fast as possible, I miscalculated on time) were fantastic as well.

    It was an absolutely amazing experience, which honestly isn't something I expect to say when it comes to running panels. Typically, I'm quite petrified to the point of sheer insanity. The water was lovely, so thanks for that!
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    San japan this year was amazing, everything in honest was close to on time, Nothing took an hour to set up or longer. Everyone in the con was nice and considerate to each other, I found it even a lot more respectful seeing people holding doors open for the staff and locas in the downtown area.
    The one little negative thing is the trash, i did see some litter around the outside of the convention center and hotel but not a HUGE problem but over all this year's con was amazing!

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    This was my third time at San Japan and by far my favorite. The convention center... DEAR GOD THE CONVENTION CENTER WAS GREAT!! I'm so glad you guys finally made the move! There was so much space, and it was nice to be able to stand or sit somewhere without being a fire hazard ^^;; The volunteers and safety seemed quite nicer this year (or maybe last year was just an off year?). Very rarely did I find myself getting frustrated at any of them, even when conflicting info and confusion plagued the situation. To be honest, I wasn't sure if this year would be enjoyable after my disappointments from SJ4; that was thankfully not the case. Thank you guys for putting on such an awesome convention!! Can't wait to attend next year :3

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    Like, omg. I was surprised when I went into the dealers room the few times I did. I was expecting to go in there and be like DEAR GOD GET ME OUT but no, it was very pleasent. the only place I think where AC was an issue was elevators, but that is to be expected when you've got 10 people in an elevator. LOL

    And I really would. I would. But while I would like to; I fear I am no creative enough. I just want to voice, that if there is someone out there, thinking they would like to do a panel. To do it, and I'll be there. And I'm sure one would be suprised to see how many might show up for a sailor moon panel. 8D

    Or something of the like.

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    The volunteers and staff rocked this year. Seriously, the ones stationed outside the panel rooms were all super nice and helpful, tech guys setting up the projectors and microphones were super fast, efficient and thorough. You all looked super harried I suppose, but as such considering how busy I was, I'm sure I looked pretty much the same. Not exactly an easy or especially rewarding job.

    Cosplay show was super quality this year, so many entries left me absolutely amazed, even in the novice category! It was really quite awesome.

    Also, the water tent- thank you guys so much for standing out there all day for us to make sure that we could stay hydrated! And I'm sorry for scaring the crap out of you guys with the fake nosebleed. I understand you actually got a real one earlier, haha.

    Con was spacious, well air conditioned, had lots of seating in both the hotel and convention center, lots of places for photoshoots, the crowds moved well, and the only long, non- moving lines I stood in were Thursday night badge pickup and cosplay. And in the hotel it seemed like even if the elevator lines were long at any give point, you could still easily get upstairs using the escalators. Cheap food was easy to obtain, and all in all I was really impressed with how things ran this year. Awesome job!
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    I had a blast! I was surprised at how fast we were able to get through registration, I was expecting to be there for awhile but I think we only stood in line for about 30mins if even that.

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    Hmmm, Well this year was good, besides one of my friends that wasn't able to attend due to a work injury

    The Convention center really helped out allot this year with spacing, lol a little to much space. Not a complaint but I figure as the years go by the convention center will fill up pretty good with good space.

    I liked that the Artist Gallery had enough space to move about, including the artist had space to stretch out as well as the new additions to the artist lineup.

    I didn't spend to much time in the dealer room but the Hotel feel to it with carpeting made it nice like the Marriott hotel last year, but more bigger.

    Outside was really nice, and nice locations in getting landscape photo's as well as cosplay photos. btw the water both was on full swing offering water to everyone quickly and fast.

    Call me oldscool but I've always liked the hotel feel that San-Japan had over the years. but nevertheless the less, great job ^_^

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    Ohoho-- where to begin.

    First off, Artist Alley was really great. There was a ton of variety. Every year I'm impressed by the talent in the alley, but this year completely blew me away. Seemed like there were a lot more artists to buy from and they definitely did not disappoint. With the convention space it was very easy to avoid crowds and enjoy the talent.

    Dealer room of course-- packed with an assortment of goodies as always. I don't know how anyone couldn't be happy when there are doujinshis and alpacas in the same room.

    I didn't use it myself, I'm kinda regretting it now, but the photoshoot booth thingy (forgive me-- I can't remember the name of the photographer) just before you entered the Artist Alley was very impressive. I received a lot of news that people were happy with the short time it took to receive their prints. Plus, I took a look at some of them-- and they were stunning. When you can get quality pictures like that in such a short amount of time you've got to be impressed.

    The location was perfect. San Japan's growing faster than a Chia pet so it was really cool to see everyone nicely spread out amongst both the convention and hotel. The crowds never felt very overwhelming like they occasionally did at the smaller Marriott. And despite it being a tad further from the Riverwalk, it's still pretty sweet and very convenient.
    What made it even more convenient was that there were two places to buy snacks and actual meals at the convention center. Plus the ATM and UPS store came in handy for cash and prints.

    Air-conditioning was so very nice! At times I didn't even realize I was wearing my head-to-toe armor cosplay.

    The people in the front giving out free water-- very fortunate to have them around. They were a very important aspect and they did a wonderful job at urging people to drink water and stay hydrated.

    Even though I didn't get to see any of them (besides the incredible EGORAPTOR)-- the guests really are fantastic and I'm happy to see SJ bringing in a group of people from different parts of geeky culture.

    Security was plenty and made things feel secure.

    There were many long lines, but the staff made sure in getting things sorted out with ease. I was impressed with the Cosplay Show (my god there were a ton of people and yet there was way more than enough seating). They were all very helpful in pointing out directions and informing. A lot of times I found the staff asking me if I needed help looking for something (specifically around the panel rooms) before I asked.

    And lastly, the people were all extremely nice. From the attendees to the artists, vendors, and staff, it was a pleasure being around all of them. Even people who weren't attending the con and had no clue about anime or video games wound up walking up to me with nice comments and questions. All around it had a very nice vibe to it. (Hah-- I am so ready to move to San Antonio.)
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    As a first time Artist Alley vendor and first time panelist, I have nothing but good things to say about the con and the staff. All the staff I interacted with, from AA to safety to panel and tech help were very nice and helpful. In fact, when I was setting up my powerpoint for my panel I had three separate people stop by to ask if I needed help and offer various fixes and improvements to the setup.

    So big thanks and hugs to all the volunteers who made it a very pleasant experience. And, oh, yeah, the A/C in the convention hall was great. I'm a steampunk, we really appreciate these things. The Grand Hyatt staff was also very helpful and friendly, from the bellhops who helped us lug all our stuff to our room to the concierge who let me use his computer to print off my sales tax info.

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    Good things ahoy! Let's see.. first of all, I was incredibly impressed with the weapons check staff. They were friendly, respectful, kind, and really took pains to make sure they didn't mess up props or interfere with photos by putting tags in arbitrary, unconcealable places. This is such a change from other conventions we've been to, and so, so very nice! Thank you weapons check staffers for being awesome! :3

    Also, I didn't make it to a ton of panels, but of those that I did go to, the Corset Safety, Wig Weting Workshop, and Wings for Cosplay panels all stood out as being really well run, very informative, and very enjoyable.

    The pre-reg line also went really smoothly, other than the hiccup of a misprinted Thursday night closing time. Friday morning's line went much faster than we expected, so that was a plus.

    More as I think of it!

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    Positive Feedback
    1. Even though the dealer’s room was the same, it felt really nice, spacious, and with lots of diversity. Needed Japanese candy badly, but otherwise it felt like a better dealer’s room
    2. Also, the dealer’s room…outside the dealer’s room (the one with all the art cells and the soaps n stuff) was really, really great. In conjunction with #1, I feel you targeted all audiences and had lots of really interesting things (yes, I bought one of the hemp soaps :3)
    3. Little Kuriboh and Egoraptor. Seriously, having them just hanging at their booths was fantastic, and going to all their panels was just so fun.
    4. The dance (on Sat; I didn’t go on Fri). Thank you. Thank you for finding a DJ that doesn’t play dubstep. In the 1 hour that I was there, the DJ played nothing but good music for a dance.
    5. Congrats on the 30+ percent jump in attendance.
    Panels that were either fun and/or successful at accomplishing their intended goal:
    1. How to Make Friends at Cons
    2. Mask Making Craft Area for the Masquerade Ball
    3. Tea Tasting Panel
    4. Human Anatomy 101 (holy curse words this one was especially good!)
    5. EGL Decoden Workshop
    6. Fitness for Cosplay
    7. The Monsters of Doctor Who
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePlayboyBunny View Post
    6. Fitness for Cosplay
    Thank you for attending and sharing. It's takes con goers to make panels such as that one all the more better.
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    The con absolutely rocked this year. My wife and I enjoyed the hell out of ourselves. We only stayed in the hotel saturday night, but we never encountered any long elevator waits or anything like that. Food and water were readily available at different spots and that was truly appreciated. The panels we jumped in and out of on friday and saturday mornings were awesome and the panel diversity this year was great. Every staff member we encountered was friendly and very understanding when it came to finding the correct rooms for things. The volunteers this year were fantastic.

    My wife was part of the cosplay contest and had to stand the whole time due to her bulky Erza Scarlet armor, and the gear project and all others involved with the contest went out of their way to make sure she had water and anything else she needed while she was there. Kudos to all of you. The contest rocked and we were so happy to hear about next years World Cosplay Summit stuff being there. Guess we gotta go bigger next year.

    Having it in the HBG CC was a huge help this year as there was a TON of space. Even though there were close to 10,000 people there it never felt half as crowded as the Marriott has in the past. SO MUCH ROOM TO SIT AND RELAX, thank you. The dealers room was great this year, as was artist alley.

    Plus we go to meet freaking Glados, wooooot. Thanks guys. Awesome con...can't wait for next year.

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    I had an amazing time and I'm hard pressed to find a single negative thing anyone could say! The staff were great and both kind and efficient. Their professionalism impressed me, they really seemed to take their tasks seriously. The other attendees and hotel staff we're all very helpful and courteous as well. The overall experience rocked, I'm really glad it went so well that I'm so exhausted!
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    The convention had so many good things going for it. There's a reason why San Japan is just shy of 10k in only it's 5th year.
    1) First and foremost I want to mention the staff and volunteers. Yes, they may have to enforce rules, but so many of them apologized if it caused problems for people. When they weren't doing such, they were friendly, joking, and all in all nice.
    2) The Water. Whether you're talking about those great people giving out the cold water by the hotel and convention center. Plus all the ice water in the pitchers in the panels. Add to it the water bottles given to us when we got our passes. It's great to know that the staff is aware that the heat was going to be brutal and wanted us to stay hydrated and safe.
    3) The Convention Center. I started going to San Japan back during SJ3, so all I ever saw was how it was in the Marriott. It was nice, but during 4 it already seemed too small a space. To see such a larger space, and to hear you guys say that we're only 20% of the Convention Center's space just really amazes me at how much space it can grow into.
    4) More Panels. More people usually means less panels that can be attended. That's how it was a SJ4. I only got to go to a couple of the panels I wanted. This year I went to over twice as many, and still had a lot of down time where I could have gone to more, but decided to rest or wander around aimlessly.
    5) Guests. The guests, as always, were great. I especially enjoyed seeing Ellen McLain and "Award Winning Author John Patrick Lowrie, Award Winning Author." They were both hilarious at the Ellen McLain Live, it was so fun with their singing, and I had a great time at brunch with Ellen. All the other guests were also great. It's great to see them all able to have a great time with each other as well as with their fans. You guys always pick such great guests for us attendees.

    There are many other wonderful things to say about the con, but I think I said it best with my credit card by buying my pass for next year already. Keep up the great work.

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