Apparently a few people from our group decided they didn't want to go, so now we have a couple spots open. According to the person in charge of the room, we'll be there friday to sunday morning and need 2 more people to chip in about 50 each. Personally, I'm not worried about it much since money has never been an issue for me, but its always more fun to have more friends at cons.


2 beds in the room, my friend and his girlfriend will probably be in 1 at night. I will need to use a bed whenever I actually get tired...which is kinda rare for cons (unless someone starts me drinking =p.)
The room will be at the marriot overflow hotel, and we all cosplay to some extent.

Have 2 spaces currently left at 50 each for friday once we arrive to sunday morning (possibly later). My friends and I will be heading there from Houston, so we have about 1 space in the car left if someone needs a ride.

Send a PM or text/call me personally at 832-893-7056 for more info or if ya want to room.