(Forgive the Spaceballs reference.)

Hi everyone, Greggo here! Thanks so much to all of you who came to any or all of the five game shows I put on for you at this year's San Japan!

I had an amazing time entertaining you guys, and want to give special thanks to everyone on guest relations, tech and event staff for making sure that I was well taken care of the entire weekend. It was really one of the smoothest conventions from my perspective and it definitely showed as I was stress-free all weekend long!

If you came to Anime Match Game, Anime Press Your Luck, Anime Password, Anime Chain Reaction or Anime Farkle and would like to comment on your experiences there, feel free to do so in this thread. Which game did you really like? Was there a game you'd maybe like to see replaced with a different show? Although during the convention I mentioned I might not be able to make San Japan 6, things have changed and I'm now available if the convention directors find it in their hearts (and budget) to make it happen again.

Video from the games will be available on both the San Japan and our own Youtube channel. I know I have one hellacious backlog due to all the conventions I've been doing (have another one this weekend!) but once I have stuff online, you'll be sure to know about it.

Thanks again, everyone! Hope to see you next year! Have your pet spayed or neutered, etc.!

-Greg Wicker
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