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Thread: Black Butler Cosplay

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    Can anyone tell me how this went? D: I moved my Edward cosplay to Sunday, so I was a raver girl on Saturday, but anyway, I didn't get to make it to the photoshoot to see your lovely costumes! </3 I was with some friends at the time and getting autographs and stuffz.
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    Undertaker, here.... My group followed everyone around on the first floor but then we were separated (I went up with everyone to the 2nd(?) floor, the others stayed behind because I think they ran into J Michael Tatum). By the time my group gathered together; we went to the second floor of the mall area, but didn't find any Kuro cosplayers there: just the Dr. Who photoshoot (which oddly enough Tatum was looking for). I ran into a Madame Red that was looking for the shoot as well. We ended up going to a panel instead. Where did the shoot end up taking place anyway????
    The shoot ended up in the bridge thing, that connects one side of the mall to the other. Sorry that you disappeared! I noticed it too, I was like D8 Where'd Undertaker goooooo?

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