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Thread: Your Weird and Crazy Dreams

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    Quote Originally Posted by mister hicks View Post
    alright so peachy, ani, illusion, phg, and myself were spies on a mission to infiltrate a swiss bank to grab information off a server in the middle of a gala event.

    I was the element lead, my job was to ensure all the operatives made it out alive and adapt the mission to the conditions set before me. Peachy was our marksman, he was stationed up in a watchtower overlooking the front. Ani was a surveillance expert, off-site and hacked the cameras watching the interior while peachy watches the outside. Illusion was the point-man, he was going to do the actual work while phg was a decoy, a distraction so illusion can get around.

    Things were going surprisingly well, phg had distracted a guard near an elevator door into a bathroom, where she then beat the tar out of him and left him unconscious and handcuffed to a toilet. Illusion went into the elevator hit the basement floor, took out a couple guards (that i scolded him on because he was running out of places to hide the bodies). Then he disappeared into a server room and proceeded to do his thing.

    Moments later phg chimes into me, “illusion is going to turn on you, take the information, and sell it to the afghanis.”

    “do you have any proof of that?” i asked.

    “he doesn't like you.”

    “that's not true, illusion is my friend, he was my battle buddy in the war.”

    “he thinks you've been flirting with me.”

    “how could he assume that, i'm practically afraid of you.”

    “so is illusion, but we're still a couple.”

    “and i respect that! Why would illusion-”

    it was then that proz came in, clearly he was like... The director? And he was like, “i've heard enough of this high school nonsense. Hicks, you officially have suspicion of an operative turning. What does the book say about this?”

    “ the intel, by any means necessary.”

    so i started heading to the elevator and phg shows up, and i immediately believe she's turning as well. I don't pull my gun but instead brandish a push dagger from my right hand. While i push the button i threaten to stab her and she says, “illusion already told me you don't kill women.”

    “you were my friend's girlfriend, you might as well have a twig and two bits to me.”

    and as the elevator opens i get in and say while the door closes, “i was bluffing.”

    between then and the point the elevator doors opens i had drew my gun and illusion was like right at the elevator. So we're standing off, each swearing we had a bead on the other, pointing out our weaknesses as to who would miss if the other was shot first. Who's going to get away with the intel, and etc. In the end i win the argument because i explain that peachy is outside and has heard everything going on. “you want to take your chances with a marksman that can john wilkes a penny at a thousand yards? Last i checked the wind isn't blowing today, it'll be an easy shot.”

    and with that illusion gets the drop and proceeds to pistol whip me, a fight ensues, i woke up before anyone won.



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    Omg did you really dream all that hicks?? It sounds like a pretty good movie and Proz would make a perfect director XD and oh yeah use me as the decoy to lure guards like on rapeman. Forget your boss and put it in my butt XD
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rassilon View Post
    I had a dream I had to do my job in a burning school building. It was kind of ironic.
    ...Because you're a chef?

    And yeah PHG that's one of the problems I have with my brain eye it sees stuff cinematically.
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    Awesome hicks I can't remember my dreams recently O:
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    I've told this dream to a lot of people before so I wouldn't be surprised if someone chimed in, "Hicks you already told me about this."

    It was two or so years ago on February morning when I had woken up early to go to the Asian Festival and help Proz and Shewolf with the cell-paintings. I was early, still set-up time. I called Proz and asked where I could meet him and he was like, "Hicks you're going to have to wait cause we're just waking up."

    This particular year Proz was doubling up on appearances, he was up at Ushicon but was coming down for the Asian Festival and going back up when it was over. Understanding that I took a seat on a bench and had a nap, during that nap I had a dream.

    I was sleeping on a bench when I heard, "Hicks! Hicks!"

    I woke up and there was Proz's ghostly bald head floating in mid-air, shinier than ever. He said, "Hicks, bring me some doughnuts. We are coming from a convention and we will be hungry. Get me some doughnuts."

    "...I don't know where the closest doughnut shop is."

    "You have more than enough time to search, go get me some doughnuts."

    "I don't even think they'll allow-"

    Proz's ghost head interrupted me, "Hicks, do I question anything you do?"

    "Well... no..."


    And then I woke up, and you better believe I walked to the closest doughnut store and got a half-dozen doughnuts. Proz wasn't particularly interested in a doughnut when I brought them to him, but he laughed at my dream.
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    Okay I had a really weird dream. I was back in my hometown visiting and there was something going on in my old high school's gym, so I went. I saw a bunch of people I knew back in high school and the guys were hitting on me, but I really didn't pay attention. I kept searchin for my current bf and tryin to find him. Well I woke up this mornin around 4 and half way through a calling him I realized I was calling him. So then I went back to sleep. Then my dream continued with me walkin this guy to my house to pick up somethings. I go to walk in the front porch and my has yellow drop cloth everywhere is painting it gray. She tells me chris is inside so I totally ignore the guy and go running up and kiss him. I told him lets get out of here and he touches my stomach and says not til this guy comes..... It's another pregnancy dream... WHO IS PREGNANT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    crazy things have happened and were still here....
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    Okay, so I had a dream where I was paid a visit by a crush. We uh, had a very intense moment of passion. The end result was us *cough cough* making a child, with my current roommates walking in during the process.

    Shortly after she was born, the mother vanished with our baby from the hospital, leaving only a note saying she was sorry and never wanted to see me again, and that I do not deserve to have anything to do with raising my daughter or even seeing her grow up.

    I was distraught and felt I had little to lose, so I rejoined the army, worked my way up to a Drill Instructor, made it in as a ranger, and later served on an aircraft carrier as a member of GI Joe.LOL. There was a reporter covering everyone's individual story, which I filled in everyone's as much as I knew. We even ate some food prepared by Roadblock(not the rock roadblock) which was pretty good, but stay away from Tunnel Rat's egg cookies blah. Anyway the reporter took particular interest in my story never having seen my child and mother. Eventually, after the news story ran, I started getting anonymous letters with pictures of my daughter growing up, first day of school, honor student, first band recital. She was beautiful. I was proud. Later I was trapped in a burning building and woke up sweating.

    This dream took about 12 years start to finish. I can vividly remember eating some of the food, opening the letters and holding the photos when I was trapped in the fire. Crazy craziness.

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    I cant recall a dream right now. But I don't think anyone will read this any way so
    i will just post random nonsense and see how long it takes anyone to notice it....
    There once was a man from Madras, Whose balls were made out of brass.
    When they clanged together, They played "Stormy Weather",
    And lightning shot out of his ass. I wish my room wasn't so hot.
    I wish I could sleep better. When is winter coming? I haven't had pizza in a while.
    Rice Crispy Treat Cereal!!!! Uhhhh I cant think of anything else.....
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