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Thread: New Guest Announced: Bryan Massey

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    New Guest Announced: Bryan Massey

    This will be his first time ever at a convention. His credentials include Ladd Russo in Baccano!, Oolang in Dragon Ball Kai, Takuro in Linebarrels of Iron, Monkey D. Dragon in One Piece, Tenshiro in Rideback and Willie in To. Give a big huge welcome when you see him.

    He will also have an 18+ panel on Saturday night at 11pm called That MANime Show with J. Michael Tatum.
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    Whoo! Ladd! C:

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    woot baccano and onepiece! ^^

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    Sweeeet! I loved him as Ladd, this will be awesome! ^.^
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    To give you an idea as to the level of happyness this announcement has given my friends and I: We weren't planning on coming to San Japan this year. When we found out that Bryan Massey had been confirmed, we literally booked our hotel room that day. This is going to be amazing <3

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