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Thread: Should I Do It???

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    Should I Do It???

    The biggest things in my life are Theatre and Cosplay. I want to major in Musical Theatre at Texas State University, but I know I'm gonna have to do something on the side in order to make as much money as I need, since acting doesn't pay very well, unless you're in a movie, and I'm into traditional theatre more than industrial.

    I went to Ikkicon IV and met a very nice photographer that wanted me to do a warm-up shoot for him since he was getting ready to have a photoshoot with Yaya Han. I LOVE YAYA HAN. I run into him at every convention I go to, and I really want to work for him. I've also been really into modeling since I was a kid, and it was something I had dreamed of doing, but later gave up on.

    My friend Zack is going to be a model, too, and he wanted me to do it as well to earn some extra money. I had originally wanted to be a journalist on the side, but it seems like it'd be too big of a job to be a side job.

    But the thing is, I want a job that will pay well. I'm turning 15 in July, and I already have someone that wants me as their model. Should I go for it??? Should I post some pictures of myself on here for more accurate comments?

    TL;DR-- I want to be a model on the side of being an actress. Will that pay well? Should I look into it?
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    the only way modeling will pay is if you are contracted and and people want you. believe me ive tried, in may different states. but its always good to try, and make sure you have a great folder(you know with all your works and photographs). and be very open minded. contractors always go for someone that will be willing to do NE THING!!!
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