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Thread: Dealers buying books?

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    Dealers buying books?

    I have a few manga issues that I am wanting to sell...does anyone know if any dealers will by buying too? they're nothing spectacular, most are just 1st or 1st few volumes of several series that I lost interest in. They are in prestine shape for the most part, maybe a bent page or two in the whole lot (I think I have about 20 books).

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    I doubt any of them will be buying anything from anyone. You could try the Swap Meet.
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    I'd like to apologize, this is the first time I've checked the forums since June.
    We (Those Anime People) do some purchasing during the con from attendees.

    Because of state law, you have to be 18+ or have a parent/ guardian with you, and you (or your parent) need a government issued ID (Driver's License, Military ID, Passport, etc).

    We are at booth's 54 & 55 in the Dealer Room

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    Also, outside of the con, Ooples in the Wonderland Mall does buy anime merchandise as well. I sold some anime DVD's to them a while back, but I know that they said they buy manga and other anime collectibles as well. Hope this helps!

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