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Thread: Other 2011 Texas conventions!

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    Wink Other 2011 Texas conventions!

    Who has gone to any so far? Who is going to one? Tell me everything from the good things to the bad! ^_^
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    Uhmm... SJ4 really is the highlight of my TX cons. Px
    Once school starts I'm basically restricted to whatever's in the area though so I'm pretty sure I've missed out on a bunch of other great cons.

    I did make a stop at Omnicon this year in McAllen, and it was pretty decent compared to previous years. A lot more organized and they finally got some pretty great guests like Johnny Yong Bosch and Jason David Frank.
    Still -- only about a quarter of the size of San Japan -- if that.
    It was only two days as well.
    Seeing how it's been progressing every year -- I definitely think it'll get even better next year.

    Theeennn -- I'm planning on making another stop at Banzaikon later in November. I believe it's barely gonna be their second year and to be honest -- Troy Baker's guestlyness was the only highlight of that con last year. It's neat because it's right on South Padre Island, but still not the greatest -- or even close. It was at a small hotel and you had to explore the two floors in order to find rooms with dealers.
    Artist Alley was extremely cramped and from what it seemed -- hotel guests in the lobby were packed in with the few artists it had.
    I understand it wasn't too great because it was the first year and everything, buttt -- I don't expect it to improve all that much this year. I could be wrong though. I think it's going to be at a much more decent hotel with actual rooms meant for conventions so just that could improve things a bit. Plus it's on the beach side ~
    Anddd Kyle Hebert's gonna be there this year so that'll definitely be great.

    Other than that I really don't have any other cons planned for this year. Hopefully I'll be able to make it to Comic Con SD next year as well as San Japan and a bunch of other TX cons. c:
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    January -- Ikkicon, Austin
    March -- Anime Matsuri, Houston
    March -- AllCon, Dallas
    March -- Mizuumi Con, San Antonio
    April -- ChimaeraCon, San Antonio
    May -- AetherFest, San Antonio
    May -- Comicpalooza, Houston
    June -- A-Kon, Dallas
    July -- Anime Overload, Austin
    July -- Texas Comicon, San Antonio
    August -- San Japan
    September -- Anime Fest, Dallas
    October -- OniCon, Galvaston
    November -- YuleCon, Fort Worth

    Clearly those are not all anime cons. ChimaeraCon is a gaming convention. Texas Comicon and Comicpalooza are...well...comic conventions. AetherFest is a steampunk convention. Allcon encompasses a little bit of everything.

    San Japan is my favorite, but I'm mostly talking from an artist's standpoint. It's local for me and I've done great business in the past (and expecting to do great business this week!) A-Kon is the biggest of the bunch, it's also a lot of fun (from an attendee's standpoint, since I haven't vended at it.) Anime Matsuri was a wash this year, but it was largely due to them changing locations and the hotel staff being jerks to the con-goers. They're moving back to their previous hotel next year, and I've heard that it's a great con so I'm going again next year with higher expectations. Ikkicon is pretty good, although I've heard some complaints about it (not sure what specifically, I was in the AA pretty much the whole time last year when I went.) I'm going to OniCon for the first time this year, mostly to see Nobuo Uematsu and his personal band, the Earthbound Papas play. Mizuumi Con was absolutely awesome, even if it was only one day. Can't wait for that one next year. The rest of them I don't know too much about. Comicpalooza is supposed to be pretty big and pretty fun, if you like comic/pop-culture figures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaggieTheCat View Post
    Comicpalooza...comic conventions. Comicpalooza is supposed to be pretty big and pretty fun, if you like comic/pop-culture figures.
    Supposed to, yes. But if you look at the programming and guest list last year... it wasn't.

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