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Thread: A 'gathering to pick up our badges' day at Game Over.

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    Lightbulb A 'gathering to pick up our badges' day at Game Over.

    (There has been a change in plans, so the gathering will not happen.)

    In the evening of August 4th, Me and a friend of mine plan on picking up our pre-registration badges on Thursday. I figured that we might as well have a small gathering, get to know some people in case we bump into each other again. Maybe even give a ride to there and back for those who want to come with us for the badge pick up (we can only hold two people in either of our vehicles).

    Right now, we've thought about gathering at Game Over at San Antonio, TX. However, depending on who is going, we can alter the location to being Smash Burger, Fruity Frogurt, Target, or at the North Star Mall. We can discuss this here or over skype. For right now, that is the plan.

    My skype is angelhalohusk. Hope to hear from you!
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