So I don't actually have a lot of good things to say honestly. The hotel staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Last year I ran my mouth about how awesome San Japan was because I was blown away by the improvements on the year before and I was very proud to say my hometown has a really cool convention finally.

The security this year was RIDICULOUS. the green shirts were OFFENSIVELY RUDE and I don't think there was a single thing I could do without getting yelled at with a megaphone. I was feeling very sick on saturday and I exited the most high traffic areas and sat down against a wall and I was actually yelled at. Not asked to move, YELLED at to move. When I tired to explain I wasn't feeling very well the "green shirt" yelled over me that things have to keep moving. I'm sorry but at a convention everywhere is busy.
Not only were they rude but they upheld the most ridiculous of the rules and said "it's in the rulebook" and totally missed the most important aspect: security. I actually carried my sword around all through friday and saturday and not a single person told me to get my weapon checked. I had no idea where to even do that because every time I tried to stop and ask at a desk or counter I got yelled at. Where I come from we call this micromanaging and it's not an effective way to run an operation.

I spend a lot of money on conventions and I would really appreciate any measure of courtesy from staff at all. I honestly felt not only as though I was not given any courtesy, but I was actually being harassed.

Highly disappointed. Seriously guys. Get it together.