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Thread: Swap Meet Feedback~

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    Swap Meet Feedback~

    This is Ambri, and this past year was my third year in attendance at San Japan, and also my third year to trade at the swap meet! I just have a few things to point out, as well as some some suggestions for next year!

    First off, we were down graded this year! Not cool TT^TT The room was way too tiny... Also, We still need some better advertisement for it. I asked where it was at the info desk, and they didn't even know that there was gonna be a swap meet! I think the last thing is that we need tables next year! Not just a few, but enough so that we don't have to put a bunch of stuff on the floor, thus constantly having to worry about it getting stepped on.

    I think that's pretty much it... So thank you for reading!!

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    you'd like to know that wouldn't cha?
    i completly agree with Ambri.
    way too small!
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