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    Tabletop Gaming Room

    Who is running the tabletop gaming room for SJ5? Would like to throw myself and ChimaeraCon's name in the hat, if possible. Pinche Games has two new games. Double Agent (game similar to werewolf with a spy/ninja twist) and Shootout a face-paced dice game for 2-4 players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PincheGames View Post
    Double Agent (game similar to werewolf with a spy/ninja twist) and Shootout a face-paced dice game for 2-4 players.
    Face-Paced? O_o
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    Nathan will be returning to run it, as he did a great job handling it for us for SJ4, AFAIK. He can be contacted at As stated in other threads, we are waiting to hear back from the conv. center if we are able to acquire more space. If so, we plan to give tabletop section tremendously more space for setup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuri View Post
    Face-Paced? O_o
    Fast paced I meant to say. I think I was tired that day....ha ha

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    Any idea when the magic tourney will be and if it'll be open or type2 only?
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    looking forward to some table top, did a lil con table top at ikkicon and had lots of fun

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    Any D&D/Pathfinder going on for the con? I second the Magic Tourney info.

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    I'm hoping some one will be running a ShadowRun game.

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    Red face what I heard

    I think I heard that Ooples was going to doing the card gaming. Also if you look at the layout, Ooples booth is right at the "Tabletop and Card Gaming" section of San Japan.

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    If mtg is ran by opples it should be standard play for tournaments though Im sure you can find people who would play extended.
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