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Thread: Homestuck cosplay

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    Aww <3 And I kinda want to cosplay the lorax for all the crazy oncelersss ill probly see
    Haha, that'd be super cool! I only know one person who is cosplaying something from The Lorax other than the Once-ler.
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    i'm going as dirk on friday, and alt. future dave on saturday
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    ill probably go as fem!sollux or terezi
    i cant choose between jade or vriska
    aaaaaa D:
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    hey all i might be aradia cus well she is aries and im aries so yeah i need to read more homestuck b4 i do her
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    I've never been to San Japan before, but I'll be going as Rose in her ever popular dark outfit. I might try and get her god tier done by then, or do Fairy!Vriska so we'll see.

    EDIT: Swapped Vriska for Terezi.
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    Gonna meet with the seamstress who's making my God Tier Jade costume for fabric stuff. Can any of the other god tier cosplayers give me some suggestions for a good fabric to use? I'm dreadawful at most things sewing related.
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    I'll be going as god tier vriska and my best friend is going as god tier jade.

    Do to some issues I will be going as Roxy lalonde instead of God tier! Vriska
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    Im coming :)

    Im going as Roxy, some of my freinds are going as Terezi ( complete with scalemates), Aranea, Kanaya and Sollux. This is gonna be awesome woop woop!

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    I think me and my friends are going as the main pre-scratch kids one day and then God Tiers another day. Have to figure out when I can fit in my Jade cosplays :3 Can't wait to see everyone! ^^
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    gosh I hope I cosplay homestuck for this con with my bro ;3; he plans on doing bec noir...and i might try doing god tier jade, i feel guilt though, since i'm not that far in homestuck yet D: ...hope y'all don't mind that :P and somehow going to trick a friend into cosplaying!

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    Definitively going as Vriska, hopefully Terezi too. ;v; First year ever going to a con since it's summer and I live near downtown SA.

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    Bad news kiddos- i wont be going to San Japan this year- have a family emergency I had to take care of. Some people gave me a REALLY hard time about it, and said people are no longer friends with me and/or going to any conventions with me, well, they will go- i just won't deal with them. Sorry.

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    hi guys! on friday, i'm going to be bloody jake with my friend as dirk (bloody as well). on saturday, i plan to be gt john with a group of three other gt's! i may or may not find some way to fit a vriska in there as well haha.

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    Ok, so as far s the Homestuck cosplay goes, I plan on being Calliope or uu (depending on when he'll be revealed!). Which version though? You'll just have to wait and see! ^u^
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    I'll be bringing my Gamzee back again ;u; (Last year I was MentalMinded on the forums,) Can't wait to see you guys!

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    I'll be going as Jade Harley. My friend'll be John and my cousin is going as Vriska = vv = ! I'm pretty sure we'll only be there on Saturday, but we might show up on Friday as well c:

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    hi hi!
    i'll be doing god tier jade with my friends as the other god tier kids on saturday, for the masquerade i'll also be doing eclectica (dress and shoes only, no black long sleeve or tights) jade harley with a mask on. can't wait to meet you all and see your fabulous cosplays! :*

    edit: might not do masquerade jade harley anymore @m@ we're deciding on either going to the masquerade or chilling all night in our kigus haha
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    friday: sweetie belle (mlp:fim)
    saturday: god tier jade (mspa)
    sunday: --
    maybe: pirate ciel (kuro 2) + flame princess (adventure time)
    + masquerade jade (mspa) + 50sstuck aranea (mspa AU)
    + vriska (mspa) + aranea (mspa)

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    I'll be doing Eridan and FemEridan at some point, with a Kanaya with me~

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    After two months of w8ing for my friend's confirmation

    So I'll most likely be going as Gamzee and God Tier Vriska
    I still need to finish the wings for god tier vriska and finish the pants for gamzee
    there are some things I would still need to get, but I don't have the money right now to get those things (fangs, shoes for gamzee, maybe a prop for gamzee, glasses for vriska :B) so I probably won't have those with the cosplay /sob

    I will have some extra grey ben nye make up tho which is good (I bought two whites and four greys and I've already made a troll grey with one of the white and one of the greys and then one gray and one white are for gamzee make up ((since I found out the gamzee's gray face make up actually is a darker shade of grey than the skin woo)) so yeah) so if anyone needs an extra grey and you find me, then you can probably have it

    it will most likely be the normal ben nye grey unless I buy another white that way I can make a troll grey colour :B

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    Hello everyone! I've been forgetting to check out the forums but yeaaa
    I'll be cosplaying someone from homestuck this year
    I still don't know who.. I have a Jade cosplay so if I can't think of anything, I'm going to use that xD
    Hope to see everyone there

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