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  • Yes, I will be there! And yes, I will be in Cosplay!

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  • Yes, I will be there! And maybe, I might be in Cosplay!

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  • No, I won't be there! And I won't be in Cosplay!

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  • No, I won't be there! But I'll be in Cosplay that day!

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Thread: SJB (San Japan Boardie) Meetup at Asian Festival at Institute of Texan Cultures

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    The Permanent New Guy ( o ^ .^)b reperbone's Avatar
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    sorry to hear that, hope your dad gets better.

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    Siren Charms zenb's Avatar
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    Yay me and kevin might go
    Click on the link below to donate to All proceeds go to the children's hospital of San Antonio. I will be streaming my gameplay through Twitch on October 24th at 8am
    To Donate-
    My Twitch-

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    Shogun Candidate #000 YoSoyJaponesa~'s Avatar
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    I have to work so I don't think I can go...

    BUT, I just might go to the ArtSlam! show at the White Rabbit that night so if anyone's still downtown I'd recommend stopping by.

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    Needs More Minions gothlibrarian's Avatar
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    I wish I could go but I have to work. Hope all of you had fun!
    Cosplays for SJ 8
    Don't know yet. :/
    I really want to do the Folktales panel again because it was well attended and I plan on making it even better!
    I'm a 14 year old girl trapped in the body of a forty-something year old librarian.

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