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Thread: Poke-battle Sign-up

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    Seiji Nakamura [Trainer]
    Articuno [Pokemon]

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    New Person Luzee's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
    San Antonio, Texas
    Trainer - Luzee Fortress
    Pokemon - Leavanny

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    Signing up for my friends (Hope its not to late!!)
    Roshi (Trainer)
    Phil [Scraggly] (Pokemon)

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    New Person
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    Aug 2012
    In the Johto region
    Okay so like UBER sorry for probably signing up late :/

    Poke'mon: Zubat
    Trainer: Ashley

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    Pokemon : Jolteon (Jordan)
    Trainer : Ace Jeremy (Sarah)

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    Hope you fellow trainers and pokemon brought your A-Game, Cause your bout to get burned

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    I'm sorry,but I have to cancel last minute
    I'm just a new cosplayer with a friend who is too so please excuse our new-ness

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    Never mind I was able to find someone else!

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    Aug 2012
    Trainer big Mark
    pokemon tess the persian

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    pokemon breeder here, was woundering if theres going to be any videos from this poke battle ,and if theres a specific website its on

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