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Thread: JPop Cosplay

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    JPop Cosplay

    Is anyone cosplaying as a JPop artist for San Japan: Mach 5? I'm planning on going as Sayumi Michishige from Morning Musume, in her 'Maji desu ka ska!' outfit ^^ Then another day as Eri (from Morning Musume too) in her Kimagure Princess outfit. The only problem with that is that I can't make the outfits myself, so I have to either get someone else to make them or find something that looks like them D; Anyway, any of you guys cosplaying as JPop artists also?

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    Not sure if this counts but I'm cosplaying a Vocaloid, Len Kagamine, with Kyary's PonPonPon outfit?

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    ^^^Omg that sounds awesome, I love Kyary! ^_^ I was considering getting Ayu's costume from the "Ladies Night" PV to wear to the rave but I don't think I'll have much funds left after finishing my Super Sailor Moon cosplay.

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