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Thread: Video Game Cosplay Contest Rules (2012)

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    Video Game Cosplay Contest Rules (2012)

    San Japan 2012 – Video Game Cosplay Contest Rules!

    The Basic Rules
    1. All Entries must be of Video Game Origins
    2. All Entries must maintain a PG rating!
    3. At least 50% of your outfit must be made or altered by the entrant to compete
    4. Reference materials are encouraged and are to be presented during Judging

    The Run Down
    1. Report to the Video Game Cosplay Contest Registration Table
    - Sign-up, get judged and have your photo taken

    2. Check back on Sat. after the VGCC Registration is over to see if you won
    - Winners will be contacted through txt message and phone calls

    3. If you are one of the winners, you will receive your Award. (TBD)

    San Japan Mach 5 Cosplay Competition Awards!

    Best Craftsmanship
    Best Technical Skill
    Best Character Representation
    Evil Pastry Favorite
    Evil Pastry Favorite

    Sign-up Schedule
    Friday 1:00-6:00 pm
    Saturday 10:00-2:00 pm

    Info about the Event
    The Video Game Cosplay Contest [VGCC] will be held like a Hall Cosplay. It will be located at the Evil Pastry Studio Artist Alley Table. We will have “Judges” at the table to talk to the entrants and take their photo. At the end of the contest, all the winners are selected and will be notified via a txt message, a phone call and it will be posted at the Evil Pastry Studio artist alley table as well. The plan is to have the winners notified and gathered to announce their awards on stage.

    Photos and video footage of the the entrants and VGCC event will be put together in a video and uploaded to Youtube. A link and copy of the photos and footage will be given so it can be used for promotional purposes.

    DugFinn will be answering any questions.
    In Charge Of The Chaos

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    I am part of a small cosplay group and some of us are doing a Devil May Cry walk-on at the cosplay contest, annd then some of the people who arent in the DMC group are making Classic Resident Evil costumes. My question is me and a friend wanna do the DMC walk on and an Resident Evil group, may we enter both? It's only two members of the dmc group who wanna do both (me and a buddy)

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    My cosplay group has already registered to do a walk-on for the cosplay contest cosplaying from Dragon Age 2, my question is, are we allowed to enter the Video Game cosplay contest with the same costumes or no? Thank you.

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    we have large costumes that will not be able to get on stage with, will that be a problem?

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    I have a question about a cosplay I'm making and if it falls under the 50% rule. Would I ask that here or is there someone specific I should message?

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