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    Ouran High Host Club Event (NEW THEME THIS YEAR!)

    San-Japan is happy to bring back the Ouran High Host Club Event for a fifth year in a row. For those of you new to this type of event, here's a brief explanation.

    The Ouran Event

    Ever watched or read the Ouran High Host Club series? Ever dreamed of being hosted and interacting with the fabulous members of the Host Club themselves? Now you can! Join us for an interactive, game filled, and laugh out loud event hosted by those lovely characters. Ask them questions, to dance, play a game with them, have a small chat. Also, watch the twins play sneaky little tricks on Tamaki. Kyoya making sure that the club's budget is being used 'properly.' See Hunny be his adorable little self. Tamaki trying to get his lovely 'daughter' into a pretty dress. And so much more!

    When you step right into those doors, you'll be "Welcomed" by them all.

    (Basically, we try to make it as if you've walked right into the anime/manga as much as possible and you'll be Hosted just like in the series.)

    Our Ouran Event theme this year is...

    The Host Club Memebers

    Tamaki: MeWindyCharms
    Kyouya: Permafrost
    The Twins, Hikaru and Kaoru: RedeadDie and TBA
    Mori: Konoha Jonin
    Hunny: Jackie
    Haruhi: Pika-Neko
    Renge: PandaHarte

    Time and Place

    Sunday 1:30pm to 4:30pm in the Main Events (Texas Ballroom) in the Hyatt Hotel (Maybe due to change)

    Special Sign-ups for the Event

    Every year for the Ouran event, we appear to draw a large crowd. For a few years now, our Ouran Event organizers and helpers have offered a ahead of event time sign-up for this event. That way, you have a confirmed spot to attend this event and get to choose your time to attend this event. What we just ask of you is to visit our Ouran Table Friday and Saturday at San-Japan in the Artist Alley and tell us which time will work for you. We'll give you a sticker we put on the back of your badge. Whatever sticker color that is, you look for the same color on our chart (We will have at our table and outside the actual event.) and it will tell you your time slot. You do no have to stand in line for a long time before your time to enter the event. Just come to the event at your specified time and you'll be fine. (It is suggested you come at least five to ten minutes ahead of your chosen hosting session time.)


    HOWEVER! If you are a no show for your time slot, we will offer the space up for one of the people in our Standby line.

    Standby Line

    We do know that some people may not be able to make it to the sign up table Friday and Saturday, may have forgotten, or didn't know about the Ouran Event until the day of. This is when we offer the standby line outside our event. For those who didn't get to sign-up/get a sticker you can be in this line and for each hosting session that we have extra space for or if there are no shows for the sign-ups, you may get a chance to attend the event still. Luckily, last year all the standbys got to take part in the event. Although it's not a for certain that it'll happen again for San-Japan Mach 5, we'll do our best to get as many people even the standbys into the event. Again, there is no gurantee you'll be able to get it, but there is a chance.

    The Rules

    There are a few rules that we feel are important to bring up for our event. We'll also go over these rules before each hosting session briefly.

    One: It is lovely to see our guests cosplay as the Ouran High Host Club characters. We just ask if you refrain from acting in character while you're attending this event. It'll cause confusion amongst the actors and the other guests and such as Kyouya states, "One Tamaki is enough."

    Two: Although hugs and other simple gestures we do offer, please remember that we're squishy people and Tamaki bruises easily. Please try not to be too physical and always ask before getting hugs and etc. That being said, please do not hit or harm our Host Club members or others attending the event. (An instance has happened in the past where a young lady has intentionally hit our Tamaki.) If there is any violence, we will ask for it to stop, ask you to leave, or get con secruity to escort you out.

    Three: Please be respectful to other attendees, Ouran Host Club members, and the con staff. You are all considered lovely princesses and princes in our minds and hearts, so lets act like so to one another. No hurtful words or such to others please.

    Four: We will offer a table for you to set aside your things so you don't have to have it cluttered in the room, around your feet, and can move about freely. That being said, San-Japan and the Ouran Members are not responsible for stolen or lost items. If you happen to find an item left behind in the event area, please let an Ouran Member know and we'll take it to lost and found ASAP.

    Five: We're all princesses and princes so please, lets keep things tidy for the next hosting session. We're not asking for you to clean up the whole room, just take your belongings and throw away whatever trash you may have.

    Six: Although we love to have pictures taken with all of you and give hugs, handshakes, or whatever after your hosting session is over, we ask that you do so quickly. We only have a few minutes to get ready for our next hosting session.
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