Even though the convention is still a long ways away, I thought I'd set up the Homestuck photoshoot thread. -insert fanfare-

My sister and I are going to try and set up a photoshoot for ALL THREE DAYS of San Japan, that way no one has to try and be somewhere at a certain time. We're hoping for Saturday on being the largest day, so you may want to save your best/favorite cosplay for then. We'll figure out the exact time and location once more information is released to avoid scheduling conflicts. Additionally, I'd like to talk with other groups to prevent our photoshoot from ending early - Ikkicon's Saturday shoot lasted longer than expected and we were forced to cut short for another group. Lastly, we will be offering private shots! If you would like a single picture of your character, a pairing shot between you and another cosplayer, OR a Strife shot, we ask you to sign up in advance! You can either PM myself, AmeliaCecillia, or my sister AceOfHearts67 here on the forums.

Information about the Homestuck photoshoot can be found on the Homestuck @ San Japan facebook page here, also linked in my signature. If you have any other questions, let us know! Thanks guys!