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Thread: Persona 4? You know you WANT to.

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    Persona 4? You know you WANT to.

    I was disappointed at myself this last San Japan for not getting ANY pics of myself, my friend, and other Persona cosplayers.

    Anyone else interested in a photo shoot??

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    That happened to me at San-Japan 2.X! I was Yosuke, my friend was MC, and another friend was Chie. We even had an epic photo shoot, but no photos were found! *sadface* Hope you can get a nice photoshoot for this year!
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    I would do Yu if I could get the wig right. And my friend wants to be Junpei. I was the protagonist from Person 3 for Mizuumi-con!

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    What about a mass all-Personas shoot? Or even a Megaten shoot, if we have enough?
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    I wouldn't mind that. I'm going as junpei from P3.

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    Awesome to see another Junpei cosplayer! Going to cosplay as Junpei in his summer outfit.

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