I apologize if this is annoying (and please, tell me to stop if I am), but I wanted to throw out a couple of Game Show ideas and see how the reaction was before looking into submitting them.

Deal or No Deal: 10 Cosplayers would be recruited (per round) to hold cases with "dollar" amounts (and they could model off their costume before opening their case). And one contestant could play the game like it was on the show, and there would be a "Villian" (instead of the banker) call down to offer the contestant a deal. The dollar amounts would correlate with prizes. Like the 1 cent would be a funsize candy bar. The five dollar a box of pocky, $10 would be a manga, $25 a DVD, and continuing upwards. There would, probably, be a few cash prizes I would be willing to fund. Hopefully we would be able to go for five rounds, with each round lasting 10 minutes

We would provide the cases, the prize and the villain.

Family Feud: Have teams of six sign up and have already surveyed 100 con-goers (before the con), and have them play Family Feud style for various prizes. There would be categories like "Magical Girl Characters", "Name a Naruto Character", "Pokemon", "Name a Gundam Character". Hopefully we would be able to have two rounds with five members for two teams.

We would provide the survey answers, buzzers, and score boards.

Draw for Your Life: Divide the audience into 10 sections and play this game in rounds. Each group will select someone to play "Artist". When the group is called up, the Artist will be given a category (like Pokemon), and have to draw something to make the group guess the category correctly. They will only have a minute. If the team guests correctly in the first 25 seconds, they get three points. If they guess correctly after 25 seconds, they get two points. However if the team doesn't guess correctly, the other teams have a chance to steal (and they go in numerical order from the next team number on) for one point. The top three teams with the most points after four rounds (40 minutes). This would include the entire audience in a room.

We would provide an easel, sharpies, a giant tablet to draw on.