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Thread: Photoshoot 2012

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    Photoshoot 2012

    I maybe attending this con, if the funds are right, and if anyone is interested in helping out I will be walking around photographing and questioning fellow cosplayers about their outfits, props and activities. This is none profit project that will hopefully allow us to create the basis for a free Magazine that will be featured on its own website.

    The basis of the Magazine will be the con itself, cosplayers, their props, guest interviews and, what I hope will be the back bone of the issue, tutorials for everything cosplay.

    We hope to come across a number of groups and solo cosplayers that will be willing to participate in this project. Sadly NOT ALL photos or interviews will be featured of course, but we hope to get a number of them done.

    If you have any questions or want to take part of this project please leave a massage here or on our Facebook Page listed below.

    If anyone would like to plan a shoot with me please let us know.

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    i also might be attending the con this year, and if i ever do go, do you think it's possible for me to plan a shoot with you?
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    I'm planning a black butler photoshoot for saturday around 12 and was wondering if you could take the pics?
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    I have been attending this event since long and I must say its a great event which gives many things to learn.

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