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    Homestuck Panel

    Hallo^^ I have an idea for a panel!! I don't think I could run it myself, but it would be tons of fun to see there!! Anything having to do with Homestuck!! Like, a discussion panel or something, I guess X3

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    Oh man, I'd love to see a Homestuck panel done at San Japan! I'm going as Ms. Paint, so I'd love to attend as her!
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    I thought there already was going to be one? I don't know, I came to the forums to find out, since there is no schedule out yet... But I know I'm going as God Tier Jade one day, and I'm going to TRY (keyword here is TRY) to do a Davesprite cosplay. It's going to be insane, and I'm probably going to kill myself making it... T.T But I remember going to a KHR fan panel and they had prizes and stuff if you answered a trivia question correctly. I know you can find sewing patterns for scalemates and smuppets online. Maybe someone could make some as prizes?
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    I'd love to see this panel happen and if it does I'll defiantly go as vriska.
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    well, i heard on tumblr there is going to not one, but two.
    lil cal is pretty effin' awesome...

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