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Thread: Ask ThePlayboyBunny

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    Do you like cats? =^._.^= meow

    SJ5 cosplay:
    Friday- Hirasawa(K-ON!)- 99%
    Saturday- Yuno Gasai(Future Diary)- 99%

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    What are the odds of getting you to dress up like Party Boy from Jackass?
    Michael Hicks
    San Japan Support Director-"Being everywhere and nowhere since '09"

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    luvu4never - i. LOVE. cats. I don't see why the stereotype is the old cat LADY; I will totally be the old cat man :3 but then again I just genuinely love animals (especially ferrets)

    Mister Hicks - 100%, although the outfit does have to be a bit different since the thong that he wears is, by Texas state standards, publicly indecent. Obviously I own the legal version of his thong (it's called a full back). I asked the safety director and he told me no, but if I can promote the idea that it is a CHARACTER COSTUME (which it is) I might be able to get leeway (probably not since this seems to be a case where the law of anime cons has to be skewed out of fear of my costume's...indecency)
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