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Thread: Bad Girls Boba! Anime-inspired bubble tea recipes.

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    Bad Girls Boba! Anime-inspired bubble tea recipes.

    Here's a new E-book that just came out on Smashwords for those that have the nook. Should be out soon on amazon and others.


    Amazon link:

    It's about mixed bubble tea recipes, inspired by anime!

    here's the description:
    "Like a tentacle rising up from the deep, Bad Girl’s Boba seduces you into trying something shockingly different yet surprisingly addictive. This is bubble tea with a kick.

    For a mere $10 in supplies you can impress your friends with anime themed boozy bubble teas including the Full Mango Alchemist, Sailor Moonshine, and Ranma Hung Over. While the recipes are secretly as cheap and easy as you are, they look as impressive and expensive as a year long cosplay project.

    This book of original bubble tea cocktails also includes over two dozen candy bar and cake themed recipes for people who prefer to drink their desserts.

    Bad Girl’s Boba is a must have for anyone who loves bubble tea.

    This geektastic collection of original drinks is brought to you by the same mad genius behind SteamDrunks: 101 Steampunk Cocktails. "

    Oh and I did the cover the the book. :P
    Just thought I'd pass this along for those that like to mix drinks. Be cool if some of these showed up at few room parties.
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    Good find, definitely wanna try em out!

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    here's the link for those with a kindle on amazon!

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