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Thread: Cosplay Dating Game 17+

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    Cosplay Dating Game 17+


    For those of you interested in taking part of in the Dating Game event, please DO NOT post in the forums, facebook, etc that you want to take part. The game show runs better when we have a surprise for our contestants. If I happen to find out you post in the forums, facebook, etc that you're taking part or wanting to take part, you will be removed from the list.

    Sorry if that warning seems harsh, but most of the time, people will still post about it and spoil the surprise. Sadly, we have had to eliminate people from being contestants in the event because of this.

    What is the Dating Game?

    Very similar to those 70s Dating shows. One spotlight contestant asks three mystery bachelors/bachelorettes a series of questions and chooses one after all of the questioning. The spotlight contestant doesn't even get to see the bachelors/bachelorettes until their choice is made. Except, at an anime convention, we give a bit of a twist. Instead of just some average people, we have characters from all sorts of movies, shows, pop idols, and so much more take part! And the 'pairings' get VERY bizaar at this event. (Last year, we had the Tenth Doctor choose Hunter from Left 4 Dead. Can't get funnier than that!) It's a 17+ event mainly because sometimes these characters do ask a 'little' too much. Which is fun for us!

    What are the Rules?

    1. Must be 17+ watch this event or take part as a contestant.

    2. You MUST have a state/government issued ID to present at the door to this event. (Things like school IDs, notes from parental guardians, etc do NOT count. Driver's license, military ID, birth certificates, and passports DO count.) This being said, please have your IDs out and ready when you're in line.

    3. Be aware that the event does get rowdy at times from either the contestants or the audience, but remember to not get off the deep end. Things such as inappropriate motions/actions with an object or person (such as dry humping a chair), hate speech that targets race and sexual orientation, and constant shouting over the contestants isn't allowed. Of course we allow some playful banter and shouts from the audience to the contestants. It does get risque, so banter is understandable. If it gets to borderline violent or hateful, we'll give a warning and then security if it continues.

    4. This event DOES fill up fast and there is no reserve seating for friends. I would suggest lining up early for not everyone in line will be guaranteed to enter the event. (We usually have to do a cut off point almost every year.) Please note that once you leave the event room and your seat, you'll have to get back into line because that spot will more than likely be filled.

    5. If someone is harassing you or bothering you during this event, ask one of the helpers/hosts of the event and they'll assist you. Don't be afraid to speak to security at our door if you feel you're being harassed.


    6. If you'd like to take part as a character contestant in this dating game, PLEASE DO NOT POST YOU DO IN THESE FORUMS, FACEBOOK, ETC Please PM me your sign-up.

    7. Please be in character at least 70% of the time you're infront of the audience.

    8. If you're a female but you're entering as a male character you'll be considered a bachelor. Same goes for men dressed as a female character, in which they'll be considered a bachelorette.

    9. Any type of cosplay is allowed. Be it from a video game, anime, tv show, pop idol, movie, comic. As long as you act as that character, it's fine. We only ask for no OCs.

    10. Same basic rules apply to you as the audience member rules.

    Time and Place (MAYBE DUE TO CHANGE)
    Saturday 11:00pm-12:30pm Panel Room 4 (Republic B/C) in the Hyatt Hotel
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