Richie Branson
Richie Branson
Hip-Hop Musician

Richie Branson (born Marcus Brown II) is a music composer and producer who has worked with a variety of notable brands including Marvel Studios and Def Jam Recordings.
As a composer, Richie has worked on a multitude of notable projects, including providing additional score for the hit MMORPG Marvel Heroes, and producing soundtrack for the mobile game Mission: G-ROK, backed by Grammy award winning rapper T.I. and legendary music mogul Russell Simmons.
He is also an accomplished hip-hop artist, gaining notoriety in 2012 after penning multiple songs for Adult Swim and touring with mc chris. After gaining a loyal following as a hip-hop performer, he achieved billboard-charting success with the release of his “From Guardia With Love” album.
After his nostalgia-filled videogame influenced raps went viral on various major gaming blogs (including Kotaku, IGN, Destructoid, and more), Branson began an intense study curriculum in computer programming. Armed with experience coding in C# and Javascript, he began developing his own games in late 2014.


This guest will only be at San Japan for Saturday and Sunday of the convention.

Richie Branson’s concert is tentatively set for Saturday 08/01/15.




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