Rivercenter Mall Rules


San Japan is nearby the Rivercenter Mall which has a great food court on the bottom floor and plenty of shops that you can partake in. However, after discussions with the mall, we have been asked to post the following rules ahead of time so San Japan attendees can be prepared when they decide to walk into the mall:


  • Cosplay Weapon Props are Not Allowed.
  • Masks are Not Allowed.
  • Face Paint is Not Allowed.


It is your responsibility to not break these simple rules or you will be kicked out from the Mall!



  • San Japan will not hold-on or store any cosplay items either.

  • Find a friend to hold your item or store it in your hotel room before entering the mall.


Here are the rules of the mall for all patrons as listed on their website.


Rivercenter Mall is a privately owned property including all parking areas. We welcome all visitors and are committed to providing them the best environment possible. We have established these rules and regulations to maintain a business-like atmosphere and to assure the safety and comfort of all customers.


  • Smoking in the Center commons areas, corridors and within 15 feet of all entry doors.
  • Visiting Rivercenter Mall without shirt or shoes.
  • Wearing apparel, which contains vulgar, obscene or sexually explicit language.
  • Obstructing free flow of customer traffic.
  • Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal substances other than in licensed areas.
  • Disorderly, disruptive conduct of any nature; including use of obscene or insulting language or gestures, playing any audio devices, yelling, running, throwing objects or littering.
  • Possession of pets, except “guide dogs” and “service animals” as defined by the ADA.
  • Truancy or curfew violation.
  • Solicitation and/or distribution of any material; or photography without permission of mall management.
  • Any act that could result in physical harm to persons or damage to property.
  • Any act prohibited by local, state or federal laws.
  • Bicycling, skateboarding, roller-blading or scooter riding in the mall or on mall property. (Bicycling to mall for shopping is allowed).
  • Possession of illegal firearms, explosives, weapons or burglary tools on the premises.
  • No dancing in the common area of the mall
  • Wheelchairs provided free in Security Office on River level.
Information below may be for our 2015 convention. Most of the pages and FAQs will be updated for our 2016 event starting in late November 2015.